Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch is one of the largest Watches in Dorset and has a thriving membership. It covers the Broadstone section of the Police “Broadstone and Merley Safer Neighbourhood Team” area.  This covers most of the roads in BH18 and a few in BH17.   The scheme incorporates more than two thirds of dwellings in Broadstone, which is situated 3.5 miles north of Poole in Dorset.  It is a low crime area, and we wish to keep it that way.

One thought on “Coverage”

  1. Good morning. Recently I had occasion to report to you a scam email that I had received regarding my TV licence. However I would like to inform you that this morning 26.11.19 in Ashwood Drive between 08:48 and 08:52 (4 mins) I had a wing mirror glass stolen from my parked vehicle. Unfortunately for the perpetrator my dash cam works 24/7 and sees him drive into Ashwood and leave. He was also kind enough to pose in front of the camera for a picture. The downside is due to the location of the camera he is not seen actually taking the mirror.
    Reported to the police who wish to see the video. Crime Ref:55190186285

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