July 2021 Minutes


Meeting held


6 July 2021

At Committee Members Homes via Zoom




Vikki Slade (VS) Chairman

Chris Burt (Note Taker) (CB)

Louise Dalrymple (LD)

Chris Walton (CW) Vice Chairman

David Williams (DW)


Colin Merrett (CM) Editor

Councillor Mike Brookes (MB)


Richard Hudson (RH) Treasurer



Elaine Frew (EF)



Allan Jeans (AJ)



Wendy Perry (WP)



John Lodge (JL)






Minute Text




Apologies for Absence

See above



Minutes of the last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and approved.

Proposed: VS

Seconded: CW

Vote: Unanimous



Matters arising

There were no matters arising




Action Log Review

 Open actions were reviewed and status/progress updates applied.




















































Secretary’s Report and Stepping Stones

 BNW News and Information

 Most Watch news and information is now sent by e-mail. EF had researched some of the history of the Watch and had found two dates – 1984 and 1986 – when it had started. CW said the website stated the start date as 1987. After some discussion the Committee decided to change the date on the website to 1986. Actioned at the meeting.

A message had been left with the Methodist Church enquiring when its meeting room would re-open for the Watch to hold its Committee meetings.

Stepping Stones

The Leonardo Trust in Dunyeats Road is hoping to start a monthly Carers singing group this week with future sessions on the first Monday of each month from 1.30pm to 2.45pm. Refreshments will be provided. Full details are in the July Newsletter.

It is hoped other meetings will re-start when places are fully open.

Chairman’s Report

 NPT Meetings

VS had been able to attend only one of the Poole NPT meetings which have been reduced now to one a month instead of two. These meetings were initiated last summer to help build relations between the police and BCP Council and have continued throughout the lockdowns. Separate meetings take place for each of the three towns and are supposed to be attended by the council anti-social behaviour team, local police and elected representatives.

Consequently, direct engagement with the Police Inspector has been made and issues including drug taking – with many of the drugs looking like sweets, excessive speeding, especially at night by boy racers and drivers in super cars, were discussed. The police find it difficult to deal with the speeding offences due to their irregularity so the public are encouraged to keep reporting such incidents when they come across them. 

It is not known yet whether the Broadstone police team has been strengthened and this will be raised at the next meeting with the Inspector.

Violence and Sexual Crimes

The Committee has concerns about the statistical data from the police relating to the broad range of crimes covered within the Violence and Sexual Crimes category. One example is domestic abuse which is unclear in terms of the nature of the crime and whether it is the same continuous regular incident or separate one/off cases.

As the categories are set nationally it is unlikely a change would be made just for Broadstone. CW asked if a breakdown of the 330 offences for Broadstone could be done and a definition of what “unable to prosecute offender” actually means. VS did not think it was reasonable to ask the police to produce excessive data which they don’t do for other NW’s. The real issue is whether it is a matter of public safety. Therefore, a suggestion had been made for the police to write something offering reassurance that the public are not at risk when these numbers appear to be increasing.  The Committee agreed to wait and see what response the police come back with.

Office of the PCC

The Office of the PCC had been written to requesting a meeting. This will be chased up as it has been several weeks since they acknowledged the BNW letter.

Police Priorities

The police website has now been updated with new priorities, but it has been impossible to establish how they have been set. The priorities are burglary, county lines and ASB. It should be noted that areas being prioritised do not include Broadstone, Merley, Canford Heath nor Creekmoor. Consequently, there are concerns about what patrols will be seen over the summer covering these neighbourhoods.

New Committee Member

LD was welcomed to the Committee, but unfortunately could not attend this meeting due to illness. She has, however, expressed her keenness to make more use of WhatsApp groups to communicate more rapidly between and within groups. This will be discussed at a future meeting. VS exampled the Clarendon Road WhatsApp Group which gets messages across quickly on such diverse subjects as plants for sale, someone loitering outside a house, swapping jigsaws, persons not seen for a while and dogs and cats messing.

Action: To make sure police respond regarding reassurance on Violence and Crime statistics that the public are not necessarily put at risk.

 Action: Chase up PCC Office about request for meeting with BNW

 Action: Discuss WhatsApp groups at future meeting













































































Treasurers Report


BNW did not receive any income in the 3 months ended 30 June 2021 following the committee’s decision not to collect subscriptions, due to Covid 19, for this current financial year.

Total administration expenses for the quarter were £367.75 which included £351.75 for printing three editions of the newsletter and £16 for two bottles of wine for the Honorary Examiner of the BNW accounts.

This quarter grants amounted to £650.00. £300 to Community Speed Watch and £350.00 to Broadstone Wessex Bowling Club.

Therefore, total expenditure for the quarter was £1,017.75, and the bank balance as of 30th June £5,367.58.


A donation to Broadstone in Bloom was pending still because they cannot recruit volunteers to do the gardening. MB said that Lisa Harvey is now responsible for running the volunteers.










Membership Officers Report

 Membership Numbers

 Membership numbers remain stable. Three completely new members gained over the last couple of months. However, an ongoing challenge remains the replacement of retiring and moving from the area contacts and co-ordinators. Contact posts in Springdale Road, Whitchurch Avenue and Gladelands Way have now been filled by three volunteers.


The contact for Central 2 area has had to retire, but the contact for Central 6 has agreed to add members to her group. The co-ordinator for Yellow 1 will take on the extra numbers caused by the retirement of the incumbent contact. However, there are two vacancies in In the Roman Road area (Blue 3) due to retirement as a result of ill health. Also another contact in the Springdale Road area has sold their house and would be moving soon.

JL was asked if he would post all vacancies on the Watch’s Facebook page.

Action: Contact vacancies to be posted on Facebook

















































IT Officer’s Report


IT Meetings

Meeting with David Anderson had taken place and WordPress gone through. David had now been removed. JL had spoken also to Tim about Survey Monkey and learnt it had now changed whereby only one user may run it; if more are required then a payment for each extra user is needed.

BNW Website

JL has changed the website layout and there is now a rolling gallery of different photos when accessed. Viewing figures are coming back up after falling from the high figure in 2017. Nevertheless, the site needs to be made more interesting and people need to know it is vulnerable to hacking. So it could be attractive to scammers. There is a cost to running a totally secure site.


On Facebook there is an average of about 50 to 60 hits. The latest item of interest is about e-scooters. JL has been onto the Facebook security team to stop attacks for which BNW has had two. He is also looking at ways in which the hit rate can be improved.


As Facebook and the Website were two demographics the Committee needed to decide which to use for their subject matter. The website does not send information out. The Committee needs to determine what it wants to put on Facebook. For example, alerts, meeting’s agenda, minutes etc. The Facebook demographic uses thumb scrollers, but it may be possible to put a link on Facebook to see if a link works both ways ie between the website and Facebook and vice versa.

Data Mining

JL warned about the dangers of completing surveys and chats on social media that ask questions such as “what was the name of your first pet?” “choose a drag queen name that is your mother’s maiden name?” and “what is your favourite colour?” These are directed by scammers, especially at young people who become a target,  to get them hooked on these random questions. This is data mining which is basically intelligence gathering and are the sort of questions that banks etc. use as security questions. The scammers are playing a long game with this and eventually build up a picture to use to access peoples online bank accounts etc.


People buying via Gumtree and paying for purchases by debit/credit have been caught out by scammers stealing their card details. Anyone using Gumtree should only pay either by bank transfer or cash on delivery (COD) never give out card details.

Action: Look at ways Facebook hit rate can be improved









































Editors Report

Two newsletter issues had been produced without any problems. Police had sent in their report early for the July newsletter. This is the same report that goes out in the Broadstone Link. There is a good supply of Trading Standards Officer reports which although somewhat esoteric provide a good source to fall back on if there is a shortage of items for the newsletter at any time. 









Police Report

No police report had been received for the meeting




VS reported that the virtual AGM for 2021 had been successful with no adverse comments received. 2019 AGM minutes not yet signed off due to no 2020 AGM being held. Unable to book the 2022 AGM yet due to uncertainty over relaxation of Covid 19 measures. Will look to do booking in September.

Action: 2019 AGM minutes to be signed off

Action: Book 2022 AGM











NW 40th Anniversary

CW said that the national NW newsletter had announced that next year was the 40th anniversary of the NW organisation being formed and Broadstone BNW ought to mark the occasion in some way such as a street party. However, it was pointed out that next year is also the platinum jubilee of the Queen’s accession to the throne and it might not be a good idea to go up against the Queen! Also, the Broadstone Fun Day is likely to be moved to June next year.

Some ideas were expressed eg

                    – being part of a bigger event;

                    – doing something as a means of a recruitment drive;

                    – running a social media campaign showing BNW’s achievements over the last 40 years; and

                    – a fact sheet of 40 things you didn’t know about BNW over the last 40 years.

The Committee agreed that it would mark the celebration but look at ways other than street parties of doing it.


Action: Committee to consider ways to mark the 40th anniversary of NW



































 Broadstone in Bloom

 MB said that Broadstone in Bloom had come up with a scheme to purchase planters, which can sit on the soil, to be placed on the silver birch tree area as nothing else will grow there. They have applied to BCP and are awaiting approval. If granted then the aforementioned donation in item 6.2 would be used for this purpose.

Action: Discuss with Lisa Harvey and inform Committee in due course. 


Litter Picks

 VS and MB were promoting the monthly litter picks which will be co-ordinated with Broadstone in Bloom. A member of the public had asked why litter picks were not publicised by the Watch. After much discussion most of the Committee agreed that litter picking was not a BNW event, but littering was, under the ASB umbrella. By broadening BNW’s aims and objectives to cover Community as well as crime prevention there was a danger of being a quasi residents association. The Broadstone Residents Association was disbanded some time ago.

Musical Market

 VS and MB had been approached by an individual who wanted a musical market organised in Broadstone. Having agreed to it they had now been left “holding the baby”. Funding the event had been approved and the logistics of closing the Toast Rack, working with all Community groups who want to participate and arranging stalls all around Broadstone would have to be done by volunteers and people from groups like BNW, if they wanted to be involved. Entertainment would take place at various locations, all shops will contribute to the cost of the market as a way of encouraging people into the Broadway shops and youngsters would provide music by busking in the subway. There are three separate dates this year for it and they are 21st August, 18th September and 15th November
































There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.05 hours


Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 7th September 2021 (Hopefully at the usual venue)





Minutes taken by:

Chris Burt


Minutes issued on:

13 July 2021