May 2021 Minutes


Meeting held


4 May 2021

At Committee Members Homes via Zoom




Vikki Slade (VS) Chairman

Chris Burt (Note Taker) (CB)

David Williams

Chris Walton (CW) Vice Chairman



Colin Merrett (CM) Editor



Richard Hudson (RH) Treasurer



Elaine Frew (EF)



Allan Jeans (AJ)



Wendy Perry (WP)



John Lodge (JL)






Minute Text




Apologies for Absence

See above



Minutes of the last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and approved.

Proposed: VS

Seconded: RH

Vote: Unanimous



Matters arising

There were no matters arising




Secretary’s Report and Stepping Stones

There were no bookings at the usual venue for this year. EF had had no response from the church for BNW Committee meetings. It is anticipated that normal physical Committee meetings will restart in September. Therefore, the July committee meeting will be via Zoom again.

Unfortunately, there had been no Stepping Stones meetings for over a year. It is hoped that they will recommence very soon and in the meantime, everyone will continue to be neighbourly and support vulnerable people and their carers.



Chairman’s Report

 To complete Action 0221/01 from the previous meeting VS will draft a short e-mail to online Contacts advising them of the forthcoming AGM and thanking them for their efforts over the past year. Draft will be sent to WP for distribution. A short paragraph thanking non-online Contacts will be included in the next Newsletter.

VS reported that she has been able to attend regular meetings with the Neighbourhood Police Team in her role as a councillor not through the Watch. The Police rarely turn up which is disappointing as these are meetings the Police themselves set up.

At the most recent meeting VS managed a one-to-one session with Adrian Thompson, Inspector for the area, who confirmed that Police presence will be infrequent. He did confirm that Broadstone has a dedicated team consisting of a Sergeant, who is also responsible for the broader area of Poole North, a PC and a PCSO. The team will be strengthened when Samantha Holmes returns from maternity leave, but it is uncertain how she will be deployed. The dedicated team is shared with Creekmoor and Merley and do not work 24/7. VS received a commitment that police would attend future BNW Committee meetings given sufficient notice so dates for the rest of 2021 will be sent to them.

It appears residents are not reporting incidents, and this gives rise to the Police view that there is little crime in Broadstone. Therefore, the Watch needs to encourage members to report incidents. Although individuals may not receive a response, they can be the link in a chain of crimes. If members wish to “tell a story” of an incident they should do so by e-mail even though it won’t be given an incident number. The Police website is a more difficult means to report incidents as it requires specific information eg name of victim. The Police are only responding to incidents when a pattern emerges and to this end the Police have engaged an analyst to establish the bigger picture.

A new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) will be elected on 6 May and VS will suggest that they hold a meeting with all Watches in Dorset to listen to concerns and commit to neighbourhood policing in their new Police Plan. It was important to get in early to endeavour to make the Police work with communities.

VS wants to follow up on the “On Street Survey” seeking resident’s priorities to find out how many residents took part and how the Police are responding to the survey.

In the same vein BNW needs to decide what its priorities are and consider what is the long-term future, but it should wait until Police priorities are known and see if the PCC will be pumping more money and resources into neighbourhood policing and how they intend to work with volunteers before making any long-term commitments.

Another question to raise with the PCC is the abysmal clear up rate and lack of success for Poole North in the last 12 months and what action they propose to take about it.

VS thanked the Committee for giving Malcolm Burgess his retirement gift.

Action: Draft an e-mail to be sent to online Contacts expressing thanks for all their efforts over the last year. Same message to non-online Contacts to be included in next Newsletter

 Action: 2021 dates of BNW Committee meetings to be sent to Police

 Action: Suggestion to PCC to hold a meeting with all Dorset Watches and ask what action they intend to take regarding poor clear up rate and lack of success over last 12 months

 Action: Follow up on “On Street Survey”

















































Treasurers Report

  RH confirmed that the Watch’s financial accounts for the y/e 31 March 2021 had been approved by our Honorary Examiner and were available on the website. Members wishing copies could do so by e-mail request to RH.

 There was a deficit of £2205 which translates into a reduction in the BNW bank balance. Nevertheless, the current bank balance of £6,250 still puts the Watch in a strong financial position. As a member organisation the Watch has no debtors or creditors.

The accounts were approved by the Committee.

Proposed: VS

Seconded: JL

Vote: Unanimous




Membership Officers Report

 As there was a subscriptions holiday last year it was not possible to reconcile receipts/members and, therefore, provide up to date membership numbers. This will be the same position for 2021.

WP said there were 3,483 members as of September 2020. Five new members packs had been issued, four to houses where the occupiers had moved out and the new residents wanted to join the Watch. As the Watch’s model is dwelling based it is membership remains the same.

Members receiving e-mail newsletters had increased to 325 from 312 with a few more people out of the area.

Louise Dalrymple had taken on the vacant Contact position for Lower Blandford Road in addition to her Green 1 co-ordinator role. WP is herself currently covering for a vacancy in her group.

Vacancies in Whitchurch Avenue and Gladelands Way had been advertised.




Editors Report

 Two Newsletters had been produced since lockdown each containing a Police report. Police need to confirm what they want done about the names on the front page of the newsletter. There is plenty of items to fill copy and a substantial amount from Trading Standards which is included when there is space.

 Action: Police to be asked what they want done about names on front of newsletter








Newsletters and possible future Police Report

 Whilst Contacts are content delivering the newsletter, they are not so keen on knocking on doors and collecting cash subscriptions especially since Covid. Also, people tend not to have cash these days. The Committee recognised this problem previously and had discussed commercial sponsorship and greater use of the internet and social media, but VS is totally committed to maintaining BNW as a membership organisation funded by household donations and adamantly believes there is a demand for this. As people’s priorities are changing post – Covid and it becomes more difficult to recruit volunteers some Contacts delivery rounds may have to be bigger.

With current Police reports seeming to be of a generic nature BNW may want to highlight and drive Police clear up rates requiring them to include in their reports the outcomes of cases closed when they are available.









BNW website on Facebook

 JL thought that there had not been much change on the website and some content was out of date. The webpage needed ‘beefing up’ which he agreed to investigate and put information in the right area. He would need to speak to David Anderson who had set up the webpage initially. He also needed to contact Tim who dealt with the Mail Chimp facility for the issue of e-mailed newsletters.

Action: Review content of webpage and contact David Anderson

Action: Pass on Tim’s details to JL












There did not seem to be much interest from members in attending nor in individuals taking up additional positions on the Committee. One person, Louise Dalrymple wanted to attend.









Committee Membership for 2021-2022

The current Committee, excluding Malcolm Burgess, all agreed to continue for the year.

The Committee agreed to invite Louise Dalrymple to join the Committee.

Action: Louise Dalrymple’s e-mail address to be sent to VS

Action: Louise Dalrymple to be invited to join BNW Committee











AOB – Donations




Broadstone Wessex Bowling Club

The club is asking BNW for a donation towards an alarm system for safeguarding its clubhouse and equipment store. It says its finances are under strain because of the loss of playing fees due to lockdown. Their approach to BCP council for funds was unsuccessful. It wanted to go ahead with the lowest of the three quotes received.

As the Watch remains in a healthy financial position and can afford the donation the Committee agreed in principle to the request subject to due diligence being carried out by ascertaining the club’s reserves, bank balance and sustainability going forward.

Action: BNW to establish the club’s reserves, bank balance and sustainability












Broadstone Community Speedwatch

 Speed Watch wanted a donation of £300 from BNW for the cost of the annual recalibration of its speed camera. The Committee approved the donation as it met its criteria and its constitution which specifically includes road safety. Also, Speed Watch is supported by the Police and has been commended by the PCC,

Proposed: RH

Seconded: AJ

Vote: Carried

For – 8

Abstentions – 1





 There is no obligation on BNW to make donations, but it may do so provided they meet its criteria, aims and objectives. However, since BNW is funded by the Broadstone community it is necessary to ensure the efficacy of its donations by establishing they are used by organisations for the purposes they are given. To this end it needs to obtain appropriate and necessary feedback. Additionally, BNW should publish in its newsletter full details of donations made 


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.25 hours


Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 6th July 2021 (On Zoom)





Minutes taken by:

Chris Burt


Minutes issued on:

12 May 2021