January 2019 Minutes

Present Vikki Slade (Chairman), Chris Walton, Richard Hudson, Russell Perry, Wendy Perry, Malcolm Burgess, David Williams, Alan Jeans, and Elaine Frew.  

      Minutes of Last Meeting – held on 6th November 2018, were agreed by all as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

  1. Matters Arising  David Williams reported that Dorset Alert phone messages are now spoken more slowly and have become clearer – since Vikki had a word with them.
  • Secretary’s report            (Elaine Frew)

Any news has been sent via e-mail, but it has been very quiet due to Christmas and New Year.                                                                                                                                            Letters were sent to 2 members about having BNW signs in their gardens.                                                                                                                      

Stepping Stones

Meetings are still going well, and the Carol Service was enjoyed by all.

The Friday “Drop-in” sessions remain well attended and we have new people joining. Carpet Bowls is a particularly popular occupation there.

  • Chair’s Report  (Vikki Slade)

Following on from the last committee, I have not received any specific response to the concerns we raised about burglaries within Broadstone, but I was advised that it is fairly normal ‘as the nights draw in’ for this type of crime to increase across all communities,

The spate of graffiti incidents appears to also have spiked, but since Christmas there has been a marked increase in vehicle crime.  I have made contact with the new inspector and with the Broadstone SNT team to find out what action is being taken – and hope to have a response shortly.

 I know that the police have been working on serious incidents in Canford Heath again so I would expect them to tell us that we are simply a lower priority.  Worryingly, I was told last week that some of our retailers have been seeing a sharp rise in shoplifting incidents and that retailers are now finding that the response from police is inadequate.                                                       Security guards are employed by the stores in question but they seem to be ineffective and apparently the police are not coming out when called.

 I have been approached by Community Speedwatch to ask for the opportunity to speak at our AGM and have confirmed I will raise this at our meeting.

There has been no further progress on other issues including Youth Shelter or Safewise trips and I will endeavour to move these forward in the coming weeks.

  • Treasurer’s Report  (Richard Hudson)

            Income and Expenditure  

  1. BNW had received all the membership subscriptions due to it for its financial year 2018/19. The total was £3,603, which compared with £3,556 for the previous financial year 2017/18.
  • Administrative expenses for the 9 months to 31st December 2018 amounted to £1,234, comprising £1,035 for printing and stationery, £130 for AGM and other meeting expenses, and £69 for sundries.
  •  Donations made by the Watch so far this financial year amounted to £400: £250 to Stepping Stones, £50 to The Royal British Legion and £100 to Dorset Archives Trust.


  • The Watch currently held £11,951 in its Barclays Community Account and a petty cash float of £64.  

Street Signs and Donations Policy

  • The Committee agreed that Chris Walton and Richard Hudson should have a joint mandate to purchase the acquisition and fitting of Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch street signs, at the sites identified and scheduled by Chris, up to the sum of £4,000. The actual cost of this contract would be notified to all Committee members when known. The labour charge for fitting was £350 a day (plus VAT) and the job would probably take two days (in February).  The private sector supplier’s overall charge for the signs and fitting would be much less than the Borough of Poole’s would have been and the work would be done more quickly and with greater response to BNW’s requirements as customer.   
  • It was agreed that the Committee would continue to consider one-off donations towards initiatives that were of general benefit to the Broadstone community, in addition to those intended to help reduce and prevent crime and antisocial behaviour. A case in point would be a possible donation towards improving the public realm, in support of development plans made by Broadstone’s Neighbourhood Forum.
  • There might be a case for funding CCTV in the Broadway. However, real time live monitoring was very different from just collecting data and different considerations applied between private property and public space. These issues would have to be investigated before the Watch could consider any donation towards CCTV.
  • Other proposed donations to be made in due course related to school transport to Safe Wise and a contribution towards moving the youth shelter.   
  • Membership Officer’s report  (Russell Perry)

January Newsletter Delivery

As Stella and Allen are on holiday throughout January, I shall collect them from Darren and then coordinate the deliveries.


We currently have 3,384 members, of which 63 are excluded from the coverage calculation.  giving a coverage of 70.12%, this leaves 6 in hand.

There are 313 email members and 36 members being treated leniently.

We are represented in 122 roads of which 5 are excluded from the coverage calculation.  We are therefore have a presence in 96.58% of roads.

Target Members

There are currently 992 potential members.

Vacant Positions

There are four vacancies for: –

The Coordinator for Abbotsbury Road.  John White is covering, but this means that he is running two areas.

Plus, the following Contacts: –                                                                                                                            

York Road (47 to 73) – I have knocked on all of the doors twice, to no avail.  I have suggested that each member opt to receive the newsletter via email, but no one has done so.  No one is delivering to them.

Lancaster Drive (1 to 37) – Sylvia Collins is covering, but this is on top of the SEVENTY newsletters that she already delivers.

Anvil Crescent (36 to 65) this position will become vacant when Jenny Brookman moves house. Karen Rose (the new Coordinator) has agreed to cover temporarily.

Malcolm Burgess will look at the vacant slot in Chetwode Way.

There is a new design for Subscription Collection Slips for use this year. It was agreed to discuss this at our next meeting in March.

  • Editor’s Report  (Colin Merrett)

Colin was unable to attend the meeting. He has circulated the proof copies of the Newsletter for January, and this has gone to the Printer. Russell will collect and they will be distributed by members of the Committee in the absence of Stella and Allen.

  • Police Report

No report had been sent. Vikki will enquire about local crime at the next SNT meeting.

Shoplifting has increased and the shops seem to accept this as Police do not respond to calls from them.

There has been an increase in thefts from cars over the last weeks, and this is circulated via Dorset Alert.

The Police and Crime Commissioner has requested that the public give a donation of £2 per month to increase the amount to help the Police .Vikki will write to Martin Underhill to query this donation.

  • Crime Statistics  (Chris Walton)

Chris tries to comment on the monthly figures for the Newsletter.

He finds that Dorset Alert reports do not agree with the Crime Stats produced by the Police, and various things do not appear in Broadstone Crime Stats.

In 98% of burglaries – nothing is done.                                                                               

Shoplifting does not get reported.                                                                                       

Chris will continue to monitor Crime Stats and report again.

  • AGM and Speaker

It was agreed to contact Trading Standards to see if they have a Speaker who would be available for our AGM on 23rd May.

It was agreed that Stepping Stones and Community Speedwatch will be offered a 5 Minute slot each following the main Speaker.

Vikki mentioned that Poole will have amalgamated with Bournemouth and Poole before the AGM and we may not have a Poole Mayor in office. Elaine will enquire from the Mayor’s secretary.

  1. Road Signs  (Chris Walton)

The Committee agreed to the Proposal to ask Insignia Signs of the Nuffield Estate to Make and fit 72 Neighbourhood Watch Signs in our BH18 area.

There are 24 on new Lamp Post sites, 2 on new Private sites and 46 replacements for existing signs which are worn or damaged.  This will cost around £1700 for the signs and 3 to 4 days to fit them costing £1680 (if 4 days).  The total bill at worst case will be about £3380.  If it only takes 3 days this will save about £420.  This should get formal approval from the committee in order to proceed.

Our current stock of signs is made up of 128 on Lamp Posts and 14 on private property.  When the new signs have been installed there will be another 24 signs on Lamp posts and another 2 on private property.  The total signs on display will then be 168.           

The Job list is ready to go to Insignia, and they will respond with a formal quotation which will hopefully give no surprises.  The Jobs list is laid out in a Route order to save any wasted journey time, and it gives street directions to move from one sign to another.  Insignia will allow me to travel with them to assist in locating signs.  This has the advantage that I won’t need to inspect them afterwards.

Poole Council’s Contractors have lost or miss-fitted 36 of our signs during the new Lamp Post and LED Lantern head refurbishment programme.  Vikki sent this list to the Council on 2/9/2018.  The Council have done 13 of them by 16th October, and need new signs for the rest which are on order.  This probably needs chasing up now.  Some of the signs they have fitted are not of particularly good quality, so they will be changed by Insignia as part of their job.                                                                                                                                          

The Committee thanked Chris for all his work on this job.

  1. Any Other Business
  1. David Williams enquired about BNW stickers to go on member’s doors. They are enclosed in new Member’s Packs. A request to Russell and Wendy is needed to obtain more.
  • Chris Walton reported his e-mail correspondence with Martin Underhill (PCC)

Chris wrote to Martyn Underhill about BNW’s concern over Youth Sentencing. We heard reports that Anti-Social youths think they are “untouchable” by the Police due to perceived leniency by the Magistrates.                                                                                                      

Martyn Underhill replied that this is two-fold – especially in Poole.                               

1.Police are not arresting “problem” children and some of them should be. 

2. The Youth Offending Team are taking far too long to process the youth involved, and there is a need for the “fast tracking” of persistent offenders. He has decided to “fast track” as a pilot scheme.                                                                                                                              

Chris replied that perhaps Poole Borough would rather keep children out of the Criminal Justice System to avoid a long term stain on their record – so then the children feel “untouchable” at the hands of the Police.

The Meeting closed at 9.15pm.