July 2018 Meeting Minutes

Present.          Vikki Slade (Chairman), Chris Walton, Richard Hudson,  John Hewer (briefly) Malcolm Burgess, Chris Burt, John Lodge, David Williams PCSO 5680 Lindy Wilson and Elaine Frew. .

      Apologies.   Russell Perry, Wendy Perry, Colin Merrett, Allan Jeans and Mike Brooke.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on 1st May 2018 were agreed by all as a true record, and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Matters Arising.

The agreed donation to Stepping Stones has been made.

Sadly John Hewer is standing back from BNW due to ill health, we wish him well. He left the meeting early.


  1. Correspondence and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)

The AGM seemed to go well this year.

I have written to thank Ricky Fidler for his interesting talk, but it was a shame that there was trouble with being unable to show his film about how the drones work, and also being unable to demonstrate them in St John’s Church Hall.

Thank you to Wendy for organising and supplying the refreshments.

Thank you to the Police for attending and updating our members about changes.

Stepping Stones.                                                                                                            Thanks to Annette Brooke and all she does for Dementia Awareness in Broadstone.    People are interested in the bracelets that are available through Annette, We have several people in Broadstone who now wear them, and we need to advertise them as much as we can.

The regular reading group, and drop-in session continue and seem to be very successful.


  1. Chair’s Report. (Vikki Slade)

We had a very successful AGM including the update on the current staffing position for the police in Poole

A local company – Elite Fabrication – has carried out repairs to the Community Shelter in the underpass so that the fencing can be removed.  We have been asked if we are still able to support the costs of moving the shelter and the council are currently obtaining quotes and approval for the move to a piece of land by Station Approach which will be wholly visible and therefore less likely to attract anti-social behaviour, but also be accessible to other groups in the community.  A new bid to a community pot will need to be completed.

As was confirmed at our AGM we are now covered by only two PSCOs across Broadstone, Merley, Canford Heath, Waterloo and Creekmoor.  This means we are unlikely to have onsite cover for low level crime – shoplifting, graffiti, drug taking etc – or police generally patrolling the streets.  We will continue to raise our concerns direct with the police and at the Safer Neighbourhood Meetings on the basis that we should be preventing crimes not waiting for crime rates to increase to respond.

I have also met with Corfe Hills School to discuss a number of their students who are engaged in a number of activities that are either criminal or dangerous. We should expect to see more young people spending time out and about now that the school term is coming to the end, exams are over and evenings are long and warm.  We need to be mindful that they have every right to gather if they are behaving well, and not to assume that they are engaged in bad behaviour.


  1. Treasurer’s Report   (Richard Hudson)

Income and Expenditure  

  1. The Treasurer reported that the Watch had received £2,360 in membership subscriptions so far this current financial year 2018/19, which began on 1st This was roughly two thirds of the income of approximately £3,600 that the Watch could expect to receive this financial year 2018/19, on the assumption that the total would be about the same as last year.


  1. Administrative expenses for the three months to the end of June amounted to £447, comprising £359 for printing, £76 for AGM and other meeting expenses, and £12 for sundries. The only donation made by the Watch so far this year was £250 to Stepping Stones.


  1. At 30th June 2018, the Watch held £11,642 in its Barclays Community Account and a petty cash float of £67.


  1. Membership Officer’s Report (Russell Perry)

As at 27th June 2018    Annual Register Update


I have processed 23 out of the 40 areas.  This is represented by 1,744 subscriptions (53%)


Coverage currently stands at 70.1%




Vacant posts

These are increasing, some are being tackled by the local coordinator, others have fallen at our door.  Bob Clark’s role as Coordinator of Yellow Three is the most urgent, (John Lodge is covering for the July newsletter).  Elaine Scott has resigned as a York Road Contact, I knocked on all of the doors twice and no one will take on the role, although there are some new builds in the vicinity.  Burchell Gladwyn phoned to say that John Boys, one of his contacts, is moving away from the area.  This may not be such a problem as he only serves seven dwellings in Moor Road.

Waterman House

On my return I am going to write an ‘Invitation to Join the BNW’ for the 37 new apartments.  The addresses are in Macauley Road.

My title

I undertake many roles for the Watch, all of which I enjoy.  But I need a succinct title.  I have settled on ‘Membership Officer’.  This includes; Development Officer; Email Newsletters and Data Controller.  There may be others.  I can be contacted at  membership@broadstonewatch.org  or 01202 695917


  1. Editor’s Report (Colin Merret)


It was good to have a Police Report once again in the July Newsletter, and hopefully after the restructuring we will continue to have a police contribution going forward.

I have a back-up piece from Citizens Advice that we can use if required.

John Hewer received a phone call from the Printers as his large print copy was different from the one already received, and this had to be sorted out for printing.


  1. Police Report (PCSO Lindy Wilson)

Lindy is a PCSO for the Canford Cliffs and Parkstone areas, but covering the whole of Poole during this shift. She gave her report earlier in the meeting and had to leave to do her work.

There was a large report by Inspector Adrian Thompson for our July Newsletter

Lindy explained that now our local police PCSO’s cover Broadstone, Canford Heath, Merley, Waterloo and Creekmoor.

Local crime shows ASB numbers have risen, with 12 boys and girls particularly noticed.. These youngsters drop out of school and cause trouble There used to be trouble in Poole Bus Station, but with a high Police presence they .have moved on to Canford Heath which is now a police priority, and the worry is that they will next move on to Broadstone, There have been reports of youths climbing onto roofs in the Broadway, and dangerous cycling. Police are working with the bare bones of staffing levels and they are targeting the12 youth offenders at the moment, and this list is increasing.

It is important to let people know by our frequent newsletters and ask them to report any incidents seen. We need input from the police to describe events and pacify members. Our stats cause fear for residents and they need reassurance.

Chris Walton will meet with the PCC and will also ask about magistrates and query whether re-offenders should be given harsher sentences

The PCC and senior officers of Dorset Police are involved in talks about a possible merger of Dorset with Devon and Cornwall Police.


  1. AGM

We will try to book Thursday 23rd May 2019 at St John’s Church Hall.

It was suggested that our main Speaker should be from the Drug Squad or Scenes of Crime.

Committee Meetings will be booked as before in the Methodist Church Hall, in alternate months.


  1. Neighbourhood Watch Signs. (Chris Walton)

Vikki is dealing with Poole Council over the road signs. Chris has contacted Poole Council about new signs and replacements. The Council are still changing the concrete lampposts or moving them – so these will wait until work is completed. He will order new signs from a private contractor.


  1. Dorchester Archives.            

John Hewer has Newsletters for the Archive, and Elaine Frew has 10 years of printed Minutes of Committee meetings and AGMs. Malcolm Burgess will collect and transfer.to the Archives in Dorchester.


  1. AOB

There have been reports of speeding in York Road in the mornings.

There are new cameras in Lewesdon Drive, Ascot Road Clarendon Road and Pine Springs and these are to monitor HGV lorries, mainly learners

There are plans to place a “Silent Soldier” by the War Memorial as a permanency, and surround it with poppies growing each year.


There was no further business and the meeting closed at 9.25 pm.