July 2019 Meeting Minutes



at the Methodist Church Hall


Tuesday 2 July 2019

Commencing at 7.30pm


Vikki Slade; Colin Merrett; and Samantha Holmes (Police)

Those attending:   

Malcolm Burgess; Allan Jeans; Chris Walton; David Williams; Elaine Frew;

Wendy Perry; Russell Perry; Wendy Perry; Chris Burt; John Lodge; Richard Hudson

Secretary: Angela Sleet

Secretary’s Report: – Elaine Frew:

Has sent ‘thank you’ letters to Dave Graham of Dorset Fire and Rescue;

And to Chief Inspector Pete Browning for speaking at our AGM in May 2019.

Thank you also to ‘Speed Watch’

Other information has been circulated by e-mail.

Minutes of Previous Meeting:

Minutes of 05 March 2019 were accepted and approved by those present.

No comments or matters arising.  Minutes were duly signed.

Our Member of Parliament could not attend, as busy with matters relating to Brexit and other Parliamentary business.

Stepping Stones:

Regular activities continue, and bracelets are still available for vulnerable Broadstone residents who may become lost in a public place.

Annette Brooke has launched monthly Tea Dances in the War Memorial Hall; with tea and cakes included.  The date of the next one will be Friday 19th July 2019.  Places need to be booked, and the cost will be £5.00 per person.  Everyone is welcome, dancers of all abilities and those who just enjoy the music and company.

Chairman’s Report:

Chris Walton (Chair)

Chris gave a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Elaine Frew; who with 12 years as Secretary of the Broadstone NHW went far beyond the ‘call of duty’ for the post.  Elaine was presented with flowers and cards.  A vote of ‘thanks’ was recorded from all members present.

Treasurers Report: (Richard Hudson)

Income and Expenditure:

  1. The Treasurer reported that the Watch had received £1,593 in membership subscriptions so far, this current financial year 2019/20, which began on the 1st April.  This represented a slower collection rate than this time last year; when the comparable figure was £2,360.  However, it was likely to be only a matter of timing: the full year amount would probably be in the region of £3,600, as in previous years.
  2. Administrative expenses for the three months to the end of June amounted to £494, comprising £389 for printing and stationery, £79 for AGM and other expenses, and £26 for sundries. The only donation made by the Watch so far this year, was £50 to the Baptist Church building fund in memory of John Hewer.


At 30th June 2019, the Watch held £10,127 in its Barclays Account and a petty cash float of £22.

Ideas on how to spend the money:

Camera (CCTV) for the Library.  There may be legal restrictions on the use and therefore advice would be required; and also depending on location of camera. This may also involve some consultation with Leaseholders and Landlords. 

For example, flats above shops

Chief Inspector Browning explained the Police ‘may’ be able to subsidise the provision of Close Circuit TV and this will require more discussion; other locations were also discussed.

There may also be a need on ‘guidance for appropriate and legal use’      

Membership Officer: (Russell Perry)

This report is very much a snapshot, as we are in the middle of the subscription collection season.  There has been building on both Ridgeway and York Road.  This gives us a recruiting opportunity.  Although I haven’t calculated our coverage recently, I imagine that it will reduce, in percentage terms, due to the new builds.

  1. Membership

Total 3,451, of which 314 receive their newsletters by email.  The total has increased by 94, since this time last year.  There are approaching 950 dwellings that have not been members since I have been in post. 

  1. Volunteers

As usual we need more volunteers in order to keep the Watch running.  They are:

A coordinator in Wentworth Drive.

And contacts in West Way; Merriefield Avenue; Brookdale Farm (off Higher Blandford Road); Dunyeats Road and Corfe Way.

  1. Reporting

We are gradually printing more large print copies of the newsletter.

I have developed a new report that complements the register and shows the number of paper newsletters, area by area.

Other Matters Arising or Discussed:

Editors Report – everything up to date

Police Report – not received, apologies from Samantha Holmes (Dorset Police)

Other issues to note:

Motorbikes on the Heath – damaged to heath and increased risk of fire.  Dorset Fire and Rescue are aware.

Inconsiderate and inconsiderate parking, while causing obstruction is also an issue. Worth considering for next newsletter?

If the vehicle is taxed, insured and has an up-to-date MOT (when required) and not causing an obstruction; and parking considerately; then it is likely that there is no offence.

There may be a need to inform, via the newsletter, to contact BCP; poole.gov.uk to inform them of regular obstructions; traffic signs, road markings and improve signage.

Other items of interest for future discussion:

Cyber Crime

Trading Standards

Next Meeting: Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Meeting closed at 9pm.