March 2019 Meeting Minutes

Present.          Vikki Slade (Chairman), Chris Walton, Richard Hudson, Russell Perry, Wendy Perry,  Malcolm Burgess, Chris Burt, John Lodge,  Allan Jeans, David Williams, Cllr Mike Brooke and Elaine Frew. .

 1.    Apologies.   Colin Merrett.

2.   Minutes of Last Meeting  – held on 8th January  2019 were agreed by all as a true record, and signed by the Chairman

  • Matters Arising.       There were none.
  • Correspondence and Stepping Stones.            (Elaine Frew)

Most information and news has been circulated via e-mail.                                                                                           Vikki has suggested a Speaker for our AGM from the Fire Service.                                                         

Stepping Stones   Meetings are still going well                                                                   The Friday “Drop-in” sessions remain well attended and we have new people joining. Carpet Bowls is a particularly popular occupation, and the Broadstone Team also play at Corfe Mullen, and Broadstone hold the cup at present.

Carers are now able to get a safety bracelet for a person with dementia living at home in Broadstone. Whilst this scheme is currently free – after March when POOLE Council amalgamates with Bournemouth – a fee of £30.00 will be payable to POOLE Lifeline Services.

Stepping Stones is holding basic training sessions on dementia in Broadstone. They last approximately one hour and are suitable for carers, friends, neighbours and family of people with dementia. Representatives from businesses, clubs and organisations are particularly welcome if they would like to better understand the needs of their customers and members.

Please contact Annette Brooke if you would be interested in attending a session.

Annette Brooke is hoping to start regular Tea Dances in the War Memorial Hall starting inJune, and will continue on the 3rd. Friday of each month. All are welcome, and there will be a small charge after the May event. We are hoping this will be a good and successful social event.

  • Chair’s Report.                  (Vikki Slade)

Following on from our last committee meeting I have been busy raising our concerns with anyone who will listen.  Writing to the Police and Crime Commissioner, Poole Police Inspector and putting the increased crime rates on the agenda of the Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting in January.  It has been worrying to receive almost daily Dorset Alerts relating to incidents in and around Broadstone although I am reassured that the nature of the crimes in fairly limited and consistent.

The Poole Police claim that regular patrols are taking place in the community but since no one from the police attended the Safer Neighbourhood Team meeting in late January I have not seen any evidence to back up this claim.

I have already shared Martyn Underhill’s response about the increased precept with the committee and with our membership.  It is clear that there are no plans to commit to community policing which I thought was one of his main priorities.

All we can do is to keep challenging this and encouraging residents to report every incident.  Whilst this will show increases on our statistics it is possibly the only way to prove there is a need for police patrols in Broadstone. 

I am pleased to confirm that the incidents of graffiti appear to have stopped.  I was advised in late January that there was CCTV information that identified the person responsible and the vehicle they were travelling in.  This was passed to the police and I understand matters are progressing

.The incidents of glass theft and the theft of other vehicle parts continues, it seems that this is something that is being driven by an online market.  As these thefts appear to be random and take place mostly in the evening when there are very limited police patrols, we have to hope that sooner or later a pattern will develop and/or someone will catch them either on private CCTV or on dash-cam footage.

Speed Watch has accepted the invitation to present for 5 minutes at the very end of the AGM in May and we have extended the same invitation to Annette Brooke to speak about the work of Stepping Stones.

We have a speaker for the AGM after Scenes of Crime turned us down.  Apparently such talks do not count as qualifying work and so officers would be expected to take this on in their own time and would be unable to claim back the time.  With cuts in the police biting hard, I am not surprised that they could not find a volunteer.  Trading Standards were very keen to talk to us but, coming so soon after the expected date for the UK leaving the EU (Brexit) they are concerned about making any additional commitments.                                                                                                                       This is because Poole Trading Standards will have to take on the responsibility of any additional customs checks and licensing of fish and agricultural products AND take on the Trading Standards work for Christchurch which serves 80,000 residents without being given any additional officers.  They have asked us to invite them for 2020 as a speaker and apologised that they could not make this commitment.

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue have agreed to be the speaker and I have asked them to talk about a range of issues including Heathland Fires, some of their more unusual call-outs and the Safe and Well work that they do with vulnerable people.  This does include the installation of smoke detectors but goes much further than this and, in a community with high levels of older people it will be very useful.  Dave Graham who is a senior officer covering Poole actually lives in Broadstone and it is likely that he will personally attend.  I will be talking to him in the meantime as we work on a committee together.

  • Treasurer’s Report                    (Richard Hudson)

   Income and Expenditure  

  1. BNW has received all the membership subscriptions due to it for its financial year 2018/19. The total is £3,603, which compares with £3,556 for the previous financial year 2017/18.
  • Administrative expenses for the 11 months to 28th February 2019 amounted to £1,491, comprising £1,273 for printing and stationery, £148 for AGM and other meeting expenses, and £70 for sundries. Total administrative expenses for the full year to 31st March are projected at about £1,650.
  • The Watch has also paid a deposit of £500 to Insignia Signs in respect of the new street signs which the company will supply and fit later this month (March). The cost of the signs is £1,700 and the labour charge is £420 a day, with the fitting expected to take 3 to 4 days. Assuming 4 days, the total cost for supply and fitting will be in the region of £3,400, in addition to which there is a licence fee of £120 payable to Poole Council.
  •  Donations made by the Watch so far this financial year amount to £400: £250 to Stepping Stones, £50 to The Royal British Legion and £100 to Dorset Archives Trust.
  • On the basis of the above figures, the Watch is likely to record a deficit of between £1,500 and £2,000 for the year to 31st March 2019, which will be funded from reserves.


The Watch currently holds £11,194 in its Barclays Community Account and a petty cash float of £64.    

Subscriptions 2019/20

Towards the end of March, RussPerry and I will issue collection slips and supporting documentation for the forthcoming subscription year beginning 1st April.

  • Membership Report              (Russell Perry)

We have 3,390 members, of which 313 receive their newsletters via e-mail. Coverage by dwelling is 70.38%, and 96.58% by road.

Volunteers – we need another new contact in Lancaster Drive, and a new co-ordinator in Abbotsbury Road.  Contacts have volunteered this year in York Road, Anvil Crescent, Ashwood Drive, West Way and Bognor Road.

2019 Subscriptions – The Collection slip has been updated for this year.

Potential New Members – there has been a mixed response from Co-ordinators about contacts knocking on doors for new members, so perhaps the most sensible way is to mention the possible recruitment of new members in Richard Hudson’s letters to be sent out later this month .Malcolm Burgess will knock on doors in Chetwode Way, and the new contact will do this in Delph Road..

If contacts are concerned about the person in the house – such as having a lot of post inside the front door, they should report this to the Council to check.

  • Editor’s Report.       (Colin Merrett)

Colin was unable to attend the meeting, but reported that all is going to plan with the newsletters.

  • Police Report.

No-one attended and there was no report again.

  1. .Crime Stats

There was nothing to report but various local crimes were discussed

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)                                                                                          Our Committee has periodically spent time talking about CCTV as a weapon against Crime, and its possible deployment in Broadstone.  Poole Council have it working in other areas of the Borough, but it seems there are insurmountable difficulties in extending it to Broadstone, such as :-

–         Very large installation costs which the Council are not prepared to pay

–         Large Monitoring costs at the Council Control Centre.

–         Legal difficulties connected with authorisation to possess and view images taken in a public place.

–         If an installation were possible it would only have limited coverage in the centre of Broadstone.

 We know that such schemes can be seen working in Wimborne for example, but this apparently cuts no ice with Poole Council.

 An interesting situation arose recently where it seems that a prosecution is being considered by the Police for the graffiti events at the beginning of this year.  Good evidence was captured by a householder on his private CCTV installation and was handed to the Police, where it played a pivotal part in identifying a suspect. In years gone by we have heard about tight restrictions on householders’ private CCTV installations, which restricted their coverage to their own land, so there could be no useful coverage of the road outside for example.  The recent Graffiti case demonstrates Police acceptance without any reservations of the CCTV evidence showing the alleged culprit and his car in the road outside the house.                                                                                                                 We have also heard recently about another BNW member who is considering the installation of a CCTV to protect his property after unwelcome activity from Anti-Social youths.  It seems that is it an important part of any installation to include a clearly readable warning sign of its presence.  Perhaps this might be a good way forward if more householders considered such installations which need not be very expensive, and it would give much wider coverage of our area than any Council based scheme covering only Broadstone centre. It might be a good way forward to reduce criminal activity which causes so much grief to residents such as the recent epidemic of Criminal Damage to cars.  

  1. AGM and Speaker

The AGM will be held on Thursday 23rd. May at 7.30pm in St. John’s Church Hall.                     Vikki has approached the Fire Service and they have agreed to provide a Speaker, either Dave Graham or Steve Aller, and Elaine will contact them both with the details and programme for the evening. Martyn Underhill. Dorset PCC will be unable to attend. The Mayor’s Secretary has pencilled in the date and we hope someone has been appointed following the amalgamation of Poole Bournemouth and Christchurch. Local elections will be held on 2nd May and Broadstone will have 2 Councillors (instead of 3). Our local MP Michael Tomlinson will also be invited.  Inspector Adrian Thompson will be contacted and asked to speak and update members on what is happening locally.  Chris Walton will enquire about using the projector. It was agreed that John Hewer should be co-opted as an honorary member of the Committee. 

       Trading Standards would like to be able to provide a Speaker for next Year’s AGM.

  1. Road Signs.      (Chris Walton)

Chris Walton reported on the Project to renew the Neighbourhood Watch street signs.  Insignia Signs are due to start their work on Monday 11th March.  They will fit 26 Signs in brand new locations (24 on Lamp Posts and 2 on private land), and 46 signs to replace ones which are old, damaged or worn.  Chris will travel round with them for the two or three days work, so he won’t need to do a separate inspection tour, and there should be no need for any rework as any problems can hopefully be dealt with during the fitting work.  Poole Borough Council still haven’t re-fitted 18 of the signs which they lost during the LED street light conversion and concrete lamp post change out. Neither have they corrected the two sites where they fitted the wrong type of sign, or dealt with the four signs which have loose fixings.  In October 2018 they corrected 13 of the 36 problems which had been reported to them by Vikki in September 2018, but there has been no further progress since October 2018, Vikki is to chase them up and clarify the need to turn round the 18 signs which have not been fitted facing the (original) correct direction.

  1. AOB.

Fun Day – on 7th July – It was suggested that BNW should share a tent with the Police if possible.

Lytchett Drive is much improved around the open space, but Chris Burt asked Mike Brooke if it would be possible to put some large boulders at the side to make it more secure and prevent the possibility of Travellers camping there.

Mike Brooke reported that Broadstone Forum AGM will be on Thursday 21st March in St John’s  Church Hall.