March 2020 Minutes


Meeting held


3rd March

at DJ Room, Methodist Church Hall, Broadstone, Dorset




Vikki Slade (VS) Chairman

Allan Jeans (AJ)

Russell Perry (RP) M/ship Offr

Chris Walton (CW) V/Chairman

John Lodge (JL)

Elaine Frew (EF) Secretary

Richard Hudson RH) Treasurer

David Williams (DW)

Colin  Merrett (CM) Editor

Chris Burt (CB)

Mike Brooke (MiB) Councillor

Samantha Holmes (SH) Police

Malcolm Burgess (MB)


Wendy Perry (WP)















Minute Text




Apologies for Absence



See above



Previous Minutes



Matters Arising and Approval


There being no matters arising the minutes of the previous meeting were approved.



Secretary’s Report and Stepping Stones News



Minutes – CB confirmed he would be the permanent minute taker.



Meetings – Dates for Committee meetings, including the AGM, have been confirmed and circulated to all Committee members.



Kirsty Skinner – EF had visited Kirsty and her husband, who is chairbound, about the damaged fencing and found some CCTV cameras had been installed by their son. EF and Ingrid Sumner’s telephone numbers were given to Kirsty who has since reported that a man is often looking through their window. He  has also been seen by her daughter. Because the perpetrators damaging the fencing are unknown the Police will not act without some evidence so the Committee decided to inform Kirsty about the availability of Victim Support and provide her, via EF and Ingrid, with their Supportive and Confidentiality telephone numbers 0808 1689111 and 0300 3030163 respectively. 


Action – Inform Kirsty Skinner through Elaine and Ingrid of Victim Support

               telephone numbers


Action – On Saturday (7/3/20) check specification of CCTV system



Action – Include item (either an advert or cut out box) about Victim

               Support in next Newsletter




















Stepping Stones – The regular activities continue and bracelets are still available for vulnerable Broadstone residents.


The monthly tea dances in the War Memorial Hall, with tea and cakes included are becoming very popular and MiB said that CD’s were now available illustrating how popular the tea dances were. They are open to all residents and there is a regular group from Stepping Stones and Carers who all enjoy the occasion. The other meetings are well attended and enjoyed.










Chairman’s Report



Neighbourhood Policing – VS had attended the first meeting of the newly formed BCP, Broadstone and Merley Safer Neighbourhood Panel bringing together Neighbourhood Watches, council, police and councillors and providing the opportunity to raise concerns with the police officer present about a number of concerns, including a lack of presence, for Broadstone. It was confirmed police numbers are 2/3’s down to where they were before the cuts and that the promised restoration of PCSO’s to their pre-PCSI levels had not materialised. The reason is that all officers now have to attain a degree. No longer can an officer be trained in 6 months at Hendon. Accordingly, the 50 extra officers paid for by the increase in the previous police precept have not happened. As a result of the cuts police have to prioritise crimes in order of seriousness and, therefore, offences in Broadstone are treated as very low level. Nationally, Broadstone is seen in the top 5 safest places to be in the UK.


The format and chairmanship of the Panel meetings has been reviewed and is likely to look different in the future, with possibly the public in attendance, an independent chairman who is not a councillor, police presence no lower than the rank of sergeant and a wider range of issues covered.


VS is meeting the Chief Constable and a PCC staff member this month where she will raise her concerns regarding the disappearance of neighbourhood policing. Also her meetings with prospective PCC candidates give the opportunity to make a point of talking about BNW. One candidate is committed to neighbourhoods and seems to appreciate that dealing with low level crime can prevent individuals progressing to more serious offences and save money in the long term.













Priorities – VS shared her frustration at the Panel meeting that no new priorities had been set since last summer and found it incredible that this was because there had been no crime. She was unaware that crime statistics had been redefined under the new Poole North team. However, VS did receive a commitment from police at the meeting that they would conduct an on-street survey in March with members of the public to establish people’s perception of crime and ASB. She hoped this was not another ‘false dawn’ and urged Committee members if they saw the police carrying out the survey in Broadstone to get involved and take part.












Hustings – It is proposed to facilitate a hustings in Broadstone of the PCC candidates during the campaign in April. It would only cost the Watch the room hire and any refreshments. The Committee agreed the proposal in principle and to fund it with a £100 budget.


Action –  Further enquiries to be made








Community Shelter – Since its move to a new location there has been little ASB or significant levels of litter related to the Shelter. It is thought that it is because the Shelter is in more general use and not specifically by young people. However, it should be borne in mind it was moved in late October and the long summer evenings are yet to come.



Action Fraud – Service may be disbanded as the central place for all online matters. Advice is that local forces will need to start dealing with cases of fraud, online scams etc which could see a marked increase in our local officers workloads as this is probably the highest area of crime for Broadstone.



Treasurer’s Report



Income and Expenditure



Income – BNW’s total income for the 11 months to 29th February was £3,746. As reported to the Committee in January, membership subscriptions totalled £3,617 and sundry income was £129.



Expenditure – Administrative expenses for the 11 months to 29th February amounted to £1,647 comprising £1,373 for printing and stationery, £151 for the AGM and other meeting expenses, and £123 for sundries.



Donations – To date these amount to £350 comprising £50 to the RBL for a wreath for Remembrance Sunday, £50 to the Broadstone Baptist Church in memory of John Hewer and £250 to Stepping Stones towards the cost of DBS checks (as approved by the Committee at its January meeting). There were also several ‘pipeline’ donations approved by the Committee, still to be finalised, some of which would be included in the accounts for the financial year end 31st March 2020.



Surplus – On the basis of the above income and expenditure, the surplus for the 11 months to 29th February was £1,749. However, following the payment of some ‘pipeline’ donations in March, the outturn for the full financial year to 31st March 2020 would be a small surplus or deficit.



Cash – As at 29th February 2020, the Watch held £10,607 in its Barclays Community Account and a Petty Cash float of £18.



Financial Position – BNW’s bank account balance was currently equivalent to roughly 5 years administrative expenses. Combined with the buoyant subscription income, this put the Watch in a strong financial position, providing it with the resources to make further donations in support of neighbourhood organisations and initiatives in Broadstone consistent with its constitution. The new donations strategy has proved a good framework for evaluating donations and the Committee is making good progress in developing and implementing it.



Membership Officer’s Report



Membership – The Watch currently has 3,421 members of which 311 receive their Newsletters via e-mail. This level of membership represents over 70% of potential members. The Watch is represented in over 96% of the roads in Broadstone. However, there are some new dwellings in Abbotsbury Road, York Road and off the Lower Blandford Road which will affect these figures.



Volunteers – The Watch is in the unusual position of not currently needing any new volunteers. In fact, it has three volunteers in hand, however, this situation will not persist. RH has volunteered to help RP with his workload.



Editor’s Report



Production – There have been some delays in producing the Newsletter in recent months. The printers have been given a copy of BNW’s production schedule which they have built into their own workloads. Therefore, it is very important that we meet our agreed deadlines.



May Newsletter – As CM is away at the end of April he will be unable to put together the May Newsletter. Contributions are due by April 27th. RH and AJ have volunteered to produce and edit the May Newsletter.



Action – Produce/edit the May Newsletter








Police Report



Report –  As SH had training this week she was no longer working today, but confirmed she would attend the next meeting on 5th May. She sent in a report of the most calls received from residents in Broadstone. Telephone scams and vehicle break-ins were the largest categories. 



Mini-Mopeds/Pit Bikes – Reports have been received of people using these vehicles particularly in Rempstone Road, Gravel Hill and Arrowsmith Road. Anyone seeing such incidents in a manner causing or likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public should contact the police on 101 or 999, if an emergency, and an officer will be sent to search the area and deal with the individuals who can be issued with a Section 59 notice. The notice is a warning applicable for 12 months and if there is a re-occurrence within that 12 months, either by the individual or someone else using the same bike, the vehicle will be seized by officers.



AGM & Speaker



AGM – The meeting is booked for Thursday 21st May at St John’s Hall, Broadstone.



Speaker – EF has booked Emma Barton (Contract Manager and link with the PCC’s Office) for the AGM in May. Also attendance by the incoming new PCC is booked.



Donations Strategy Update



Donations – The Committee considered a number of suggested areas where BNW might make a donation and agreed to donate sums to the following worthy causes.


•      Broadstone in Bloom Bedding Plants – £500

•      Insurance premium for the defibrillator machine outside Forum Jewellers – £150

•      Eco Hut on South Lawn at St John’s Church – £750

•      An instructor for a YMCA multi sports club at the Junction Leisure Centre – £1200



‘Pipeline’ Donations – The following require further evaluation.


•      Broadstone Christmas Lights to be reviewed and held pending further information


•      Broadstone Scouts and Guides possible litter pick


•      Victim Support considered to be a very important area for donation


•      Public Benches and tree planting in Broadstone public areas


•      Broadstone First Responder


•      Friendship Bench


•      Pupil transport to Bournemouth Safewise Activity Centre


Action – To contact and carry out further evaluation on the above























Scams and Drugs – The Committee agreed in principle to fund a leaflet drop as a newsletter insert. Leaflets may be obtained from Our Watch.


Action – Obtain leaflets and determine cost for printing 3,500 for a Newsletter insert







Donations Register – CW has updated the register with donations agreed, pending and rejected accordingly.



Police NPT Re-Organisation and Stats Problem Report



NPT’s – The Neighbourhood Policing Teams for Broadstone’s part of Dorset Police have been reorganised yet again and is now part of a larger Poole North Team meaning that our officers are now shared across a much wider area and previous references to Broadstone and Merley are no longer found on the Police website.





Crime Stats – The Police re-organisation into a Poole North team has nullified the Broadstone, Merley and Creekmoor map so that the stats can no longer be obtained via the spreadsheet system. Additionally, the alerting system service is changing. From 1 April ownership of the police uk website transfers from the Home Office to policing with a new website on a national policing service called Single Online Home (SOH). JL had devised a new saved map of the B&M and Creekmoor areas from which the stats can be extracted using pivotal tables. However, it is not known if the map will have survived this latest change to a SOH since the police message does not say if all the features, facilities and method of access will be the same.


CW has done some cross checking of the old stats method and compared to the new purpose drawn map and noted that the latter figures were lower differing between 1 and 11 and averaging 5. The differences may be explained by the mapping boundary selection and it is hoped that it will come down to a need for some tweaking on the map. Further analysis is required to enable stats to be produced showing whether crime in Broadstone is going up or down.


Action – Arrange to meet up and endeavour to resolve the issue





















Any Other Business



Committee Members – DW announced that due to personal circumstances he would no longer be able to serve on the Committee after the AGM. He would continue as co-ordinator for his blue area. As the Committee will need new members in the short term an approach will be made to residents in Watermain House to see if anybody is interested.


Action – Watermain House to be canvassed for volunteers to serve on the Committee










VISAV – CB had received an online feedback survey from this organisation purporting to be the provider of the Neighbourhood Alert platform. He wanted to know if others had received same and if it was legitimate. JL said he had received the survey and would be completing it.



Poole & Dorset Alert Newsletter – It was confirmed Committee members were receiving this online Newsletter. There were mixed views about its significance and effect.


There being no further business, the meeting closed at 22.00 hours


Date of Next Meeting:

5 May 2020





Minutes taken by:

Chris Burt


Minutes issued on:

7th March 2020