Minutes 7 May 2019

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on

07 May 2019

DJ Room, Methodist Church Centre, Broadstone.


Present.          Chris Walton (Chair), Richard Hudson, Colin Merrett, Malcolm Burgess, David Williams, and Elaine Frew. .

  1. Apologies.   Vikki Slade, Wendy Perry, Russell Perry, Chris Burt, John Lodge, Cllr. Mike Brooke..


  1. Minutes of Last Meeting  – held on 5th March  2019 were agreed by all as a true record, and signed for the Chairman


  1. Matters Arising. There were none.


  1. Secretary’s report and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)

Most information has already been circulated.

Sadly John Hewer has died in a Nursing Home in Broadstone. He was a member of BNW for many years and on the Committee almost from the beginning, and only giving up when he became too ill. He will be sadly missed

Invitations to AGM and replies have been very fluid due to changes in the Council – which will start later in May and local elections at the beginning of the month.

One member e-mailed his concern about the growth of crime in our area. He suggested our MP should be invited to the AGM and should listen to our concerns about the cuts in government spending on the Police, and go back with a very strong mandate from the Broadstone Community to seek reversal of the cuts and to reinstate neighbourhood policing. I have replied that our MP has been invited and hopes to attend our AGM.

I intend to resign as secretary at the AGM after completing over 10 years in post. I will be happy to help the new secretary if required. I will be happy to continue as a Co-ordinator for Central 5, and as representative for BNW on the Stepping Stones Steering Group.

Stepping Stones.                                                                                                                 The Friday Drop-in continues to be very popular with more people attending. The Reading Group remains popular.

As part of Dementia Week, Stepping Stones is organising a “drop in” Information Event on Wednesday 22nd May from 10am–12noon in Broadstone Library. This will include Marie Curie, Leonardo Trust, Poole Lifeline Services, Power of Attorney, a Dementia Advice Surgery, Harvey Practice NHS supporters, Launch of the Tea Dances in Broadstone and details of the many activities held in the Library and elsewhere.


Annette Brooke is hoping to start regular Tea Dances in the War Memorial Hall starting in June, which will continue on the third Friday of each month. All are welcome, and there will be a small charge after the first event.



  1. Chair’s report.

                                                                                                                                              Vikki Slade was involved with another important Meeting, so was unable to attend.

We had no report for this meeting.



  1. Treasurer’s report (Richard Hudson)


 Accounts for the Year Ended 31st March 2019

  1. In his capacity as Honorary Examiner, Paul Day had completed his examination of Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch’s accounts for the year ended 31st March 2019, and had signed these to certify they were in accordance with the cash book and other records. The Committee expressed its thanks to Paul for his work. The Treasurer had emailed both the draft and the certified accounts to all Committee members.


  1. Subscription income for the year was £3,603, compared with £3,556 in 2018. It said a lot about the strong community spirit in Broadstone that so many households were willing to pay the subscription of £1 to the Watch each year, in support of its community safety work and to receive the monthly newsletter. The continuing high level of support for the Watch also reflects the hard work and efficiency of the Watch’s coordinators and contacts and of Allen and Stella Lewis. We are very grateful to all of them.



  1. Total donations made by the Watch were £400. The Watch gave £250 to Stepping Stones in support of its local programme of activities for people with dementia and their carers. It gave £100 to Dorset Archives Trust, in recognition of its work in archiving Watch records, and £50 to The Royal British Legion.


New Neighbourhood Watch Signs

  1. The Watch spent £2,428 on 26 new and 46 replacement Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch Street signs. These raise the profile of the Watch and help to deter crime and anti social behaviour our neighbourhoods.


Administrative Expenses

  1. Administrative expenses amounted to £1,755, against £1,770 in 2018. Printing and stationery was as usual the largest cost, at £1,488, with the printing of the monthly newsletter entailing most of this. The costs of the AGM and other meetings came to £166 and sundries were £101.





  1. As the accounts show, subscription income of £3,603 and total expenditure of £4,583 result in a deficit for the year ended 31st March 2019 of £980. This compares with a surplus of £33 in 2018.

Accumulated Fund

  1. BNW is in a healthy financial position. Its Accumulated Fund stood at £9,071 at 31st March 2019, compared with £9,797 in 2018. The Watch has the resources for its ongoing initiatives to help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in Broadstone, working with the police and other partners.


  1. At 31st March 2019, the Watch held cash of £9,071, which comprised £9,034 held in its Barclays Community Account and a petty cash float of £37. There was a creditor of £445, which constituted funds held on behalf of Stepping Stones.

Approval of the Accounts

  1. The Committee unanimously approved BNW’s accounts for the year ended 31st March 2019.
  2. The Treasurer confirmed that a motion for the approval of the accounts would be put to members attending the AGM on 23rd


  1. Membership Officer’s report. (Russell Perry)

Russell was away on holiday but e-mailed his report.


Membership now stands at 3,406 (now 70.7%). We are now represented in 96.5% of eligible roads. We have 4 members in the newly built Waterman House (out of a possible 36) 313 members receive their Newsletters via e-mail.

Recruits. We have recruited 2 new Co-ordinators and 14 Contacts in the past year.   Addresses in West Way, Holland Way and York Road have been recruited but we need Contacts for these areas.

Vacancies.  Co-ordinator for Wentworth Drive is needed as the present one is moving away. We also need a Contact for 7 dwellings in Lancaster Drive.

Potential new members.  Homes in Chetwode Way, Delph Road  and Lytham Road and Twin Oaks close will be targeted for possible members.


During the collection of annual contributions, one member wishes to leave as she notes the lack of any Police information for some months now. It was suggested that Vikki should write to the Police to let them know again how important the Police report is for our members.



  1. Editor’s report. (Colin Merrett)


The Police still do not contribute any information to be included in our Newsletter, and members are beginning to complain at this. We know there has been an increase in ASB and other crime locally but we have no news of what is happening by the Police.

Colin does manage to get other information from other sources and crime stats for previous months which helps to fill our Newsletter each month, but members are concerned about the lack of news from the Police, despite the fact that Colin writes to the Broadstone Police Team each month.


The Police have not attended our Committee Meetings or sent a report for many months which is a great disappointment.



  1. CCTV Cameras (Chris Walton)


Chris Walton made a proposal for an item to be put in the next Newsletter to encourage people to fit CCTV systems at their houses.  The systems need to scan the road as well as their drives and gardens to try and capture evidence of Vehicle Crime, Graffiti and Criminal damage affecting their property.  The Police do not have the effort available after the cuts to deliver the same service as before and we need to find a way of giving them help.  There has been a widespread misapprehension that one is not allowed to capture images of the public road. Investigation has been done through the Information Commissioners office (ICO), and it transpires that it is not illegal, but CCTV operators have to be careful to obey the law as they will come under GDPR provisions.  They are not required to register or pay a fee to operate the Cameras.  The ICO gives very specific guidance on what is required of the operator.  All this has been studied and found to be quite possible to follow and thus steer clear of any possible prosecution.  Chris had written a draft piece for the Newsletter. The committee were content to proceed on this basis.


  1. Street Signs. (Chris Walton)


All Street signs have now been checked and replaced as needed.

We need 2 more in Lytham Road which will be done as soon as we can The Council have lost some signs.



  1. AGM


The AGM will be on 23rd. May in St John’s Church Hall from 7.30pm.

Our main speaker will be Dave Graham from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Chief Inspector Pete Browning will give a brief update about our local policing, and CSW will also give a brief update on their activity.

Dame Annette Brooke will update on Stepping Stones.

Refreshments will be organised by Wendy Perry



  1. AOB


Elaine will send an e-mail to all Committee Members to inform them of details of John Hewer’s Funeral.


Corfe Mullen have developed a Neighbourhood Reassurance Team to visit members after a crime has been committed..


“Our Watch” suggests holding N/W meetings to suit Police shifts, with tea and cakes!.   This was thought impractical due to hall bookings for a year in advance to organise our meetings. Everyone has a copy of dates for that years bookings, including the Police.