Minutes of Committee Meeting 4 July 2017

Location  DJ Room, Methodist Church Centre, Broadstone.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on  2nd May were agreed by all as a true record, and signed.,
  2. Matters Arising.  There were none.
  3. Correspondence and Stepping Stones  (Elaine Frew)

John Greenaway has sadly died. He was a Contact for many years.

Most correspondence has been circulated to everyone in advance of this meeting.

I attended the meeting of Westcliff NW during Neighbourhood Watch week at the Savoy Hotel in Bournemouth. We had a very interesting talk and demonstration about the use of Drones by Dorset Police.

Stepping Stones.  Annette Brooke has had her first enquiries about the bracelets, and Forum Jewellers have agreed to fit them, if required, for a small donation into their charity box. The bracelet will help to identify the person if found wandering and lost, by having a PIN number and the phone number for Poole Lifeline engraved, and Lifeline will have all the carer’s details and how to contact them. Otherwise it may be necessary to involve the Police.

  1. Chairman’s Report.  (Vikki Slade)

We had very successful bike marking events, at Broadstone Youth Club, in the Broadway, and at Broadstone Family Fun Day, Since last summer – we will have funded over 140 bikes. The police are keen to repeat the exercise, but we may possibly leave this until next year.

We are still having some issues with newsletters being distributed late, and members are frustrated when they receive the newsletter after the date of an event, even if we have also published the date a month earlier.

We have not progressed with social media post.  Whilst this should definitely not replace the newsletter, a facebook page and twitter account that we can link to the police and let people know of known scams, crimes, lost items and events, has to be a good thing.

Vikki proposed that we repeat the school visit exercise next year.

Vikki also proposed that we approach Dorset Police/DWFRS to see if we can organise a Safe Drive Stay Alive event at Corfe Hills School.  There is a cost but it is a very successful hard hitting programme, and we could invite young people of learner driver age from the Grammar Schools to attend as well.

  1. Treasurer’s Report. (Richard Hudson)

Income and Expenditure  

  1. The Treasurer reported that the Watch had received £1,799 in membership subscriptions in the first three months of the current financial year, which began on 1st This was half the total donations of approximately £3,600 that the Watch could in due course expect to receive in financial year 2017/18, on the assumption that receipts would be about the same as last year’s.
  2. Administrative expenses for the three months to the end of June amounted to £590, comprising £459 for printing, £73 for AGM expenses, £43 for Neighbourhood Watch street signs and £15 for sundries. The only donation made by the Watch so far this year was £500 for bike marking.
  3. Committee members attending the AGM in May had authorised a further £250 for bike marking. This was duly approved by the full Committee.


  1. The Watch held £10,600 in its Barclays bank account at 30th June 2017 and a petty cash float of £90.

Bank Mandate

  1. The Treasurer proposed that the Watch should make some changes to its mandate with Barclays Bank. Under the new mandate, BNW cheques would require only one signature (as opposed to the existing requirement for two signatures) and mandated signatories would have the authority to make internet payments on behalf of BNW (which was not the case at present). This would make the 40 or so payments that BNW made each year far more straightforward and efficient. A particular case in point was that under existing arrangements the Treasurer made out 12 counter-signed cheques to the printer for the monthly newsletter in the course of the year, each of which then had to be posted or delivered to the printer or banked by the Treasurer on behalf of that company. Furthermore, the printer paid bank charges on the clearing of these cheques, a cost for a small local business that would be avoided by electronic payments.
  2. The change to the mandate would in practice make no difference to BNW controls over payments. The key control was that the auditor cross-checked all bank statement payments to invoices for goods or services supplied to the Watch or to Committee minutes authorising a donation.
  3. Under the new mandate, Richard Hudson, Chris Walton and Elaine Frew would remain as signatories. As agreed at the Committee meeting in May, Chris Burt would be added as a signatory, in replacement of Roy Godfrey.
  4. The Committee approved the Treasure’s proposed changes to the bank mandate.

Broadstone Fun Day

  1. The Treasurer proposed a vote of thanks to Jeff Davies (and members of Jeff’s family) and David Williams for erecting and dismantling the BNW gazebo and manning the stall at the very successful Broadstone Fun Day. This was met with warm approval. BNW had a good pitch between Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum and the police, which attracted a lot of pedestrian traffic.
  2. Membership and Development Officer’s Report (Russell Perry)

We have a Membership of 3,336 homes in 40 areas, covered by 38 Co-ordinators.

1,149 dwellings are not members

The Formal Area Covered by the BNW

We are proud of our close working relationship with the Police.  Therefore, we ought to use the Broadstone section, of the zone covered by the Broadstone and Merley Safer Neighbourhood Team as our basis, the map on the Police website is very explicit

Extra Participants

We have 63 members who are outside the formal area.  These are in:Delph Road; Coventry Crescent ; Insley Crescent; Wetherby Close and York Road.


In the April Newsletter, I offered a bottle of wine to the person who recruited the highest number of new members – I am going to give the bottle to Tom Hackney, who has been recruiting with enthusiasm.

Roads with No Members in some homes

In Mission Road, Chetwode Way, York Mews, and Mission Lane, we will start recruiting non-members if possible.

  1. Editor’s Report. (Colin Merrett)

The last 2 editions of the Newsletter have gone smoothly. We have carried useful advice from Trading Standards about avoiding scams, and we also hope to include future contributions from them.

  1. E-mail Membership and Special Newsletters report. (John Hewer)

268 members have the Newsletter via e-mail, and 258 have Dorset Alerts. 9 people receive special e-mail Newsletters, and 1 large print edition.

  1. Police Report. There was no Police report sent.
  2. AGM

A letter of thanks was sent to Sgt. John Hennessy of the Dorset Marine Police for his excellent talk at our AGM.

It was suggested that perhaps next year the AGM could be held at the Youth Centre and this will be looked into.

Elaine will contact Ricky Fidler, the Dorset Police Drone Lead, to be our Speaker at next year’s AGM, once the date and venue are decided.

  1. Neighbourhood Watch Signs.

We are keen that we push on with our BNW sign programme across BH18 with the aim that we have fully replaced them by the next AGM.

Chris Walton has a register of 125 signs, and 6 – 8 requests for new signs.

100 signs need to be checked, and approximately 30 signs need changing. He is liaising with Poole Council about the purchase of these, and also the new size.

  1. Donations to Poole Forum funding.This is an independent charity group helping people with Learning Difficulties.They do support some vulnerable people in Broadstone.Having lost much of their grant, they do need help.They are moving to smaller premises in 2 rooms at Rossmore Community Centre.After discussion, it was agreed to make a donation. 
  2. Any Other Business 

It was suggested that Committee meetings next year could be held at the Youth Centre.

Vikki told the meeting that Broadstone Chamber of Trade is now in bad circumstances, and that the Christmas Parade Event was very shaky. They are now struggling to survive.

David Williams told the meeting that a stolen bike was found by the Police and returned to the owner.