Minutes of Committee Meeting 5 September 2017

DJ Room, Methodist Church Centre, Broadstone.


Present.          Vikki Slade (Chairman), Richard Hudson, Colin Merrett, Russell Perry, Wendy Perry, John Hewer, Malcolm Burgess, John Lodge, David Williams, Allan Jeans, Cllr. Mike Brooke and Elaine Frew. .


 Apologies.   Chris Walton, Chris Burt, and PCSO Dan Cammell


  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on  4th  July were agreed by all as a true record, and signed by Chairman, Vikki Slade,


  1. Matters Arising.  There were none.


  1. Correspondence and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)

Thanks to Chris Walton for all his work on Road signs. Everyone has been circulated with all the information before this meeting.


The Methodist Church reported a concern with possible “Rogue Traders” enquiring about work opportunities.  This was passed to the Police in a very timely manner, who set about an immediate investigation.


Stepping Stones.

All information goes into our monthly Newsletter.

There is interest in the bracelets and several have been allocated.

The monthly “drop-in” is popular and we have had an increase in people attending and also helpers.



  1. Chairman’s report. (Vikki Slade) 


Following the last meeting of our committee I was left with a long list of tasks and contacts to make, most of which I have managed to complete

I wanted to make sure we had received feedback on the items that we funded during the last year – and made contact with the schools about their visits to Streetwise.  Broadstone First and Middle Schools both attended in the early spring and they have sent a thank you note, which also thanks us for funding the scarecrow and invites me to come and see the sculpture in place.                                                                                                         Springdale First School had a very busy time with extra events to mark their 50th Birthday and were unable to find a suitable time to visit Streetwise. Richard Hudson said that this had not been budgeted for, nor approved by the Committee.  BFS and BMS would be keen for us to repeat the exercise but I feel that this should be held back until all schools have taken the opportunity.

Work is progressing on the Police Quad Bike and in a recent meeting with PCSO Dan Cammell, it was agreed that I would try and discuss the concept with Merley Home Watch and Canford Heath Neighbourhood Watch, and will discuss idea of donating the same amount as Broadstone towards this purchase.


Borough of Poole have given me little update in terms of work on the Youth Club/Police Station so I cannot recommend whether we should set aside some money for this.  I will continue to pursue it.

The Stay Alive course aimed at teenagers is already booked at Corfe Hills School for January, and I have been given the opportunity to attend.

BNW stickers on wheelie bins will be fine with BoP, and would be a very good way of promoting BNW This would also be an opportunity for neighbours to display their membership and thereby encourage other members in a street.

I have received confirmation from BoP that there should be no problem with replacing the broken noticeboard outside of Budgens (soon to be M&S) as long as it is the same size and shape.  We have removed the unstable part of the sign and I am currently in communication with local carpenters for a quote to bring to the next meeting.  I am waiting to hear back from a representative of M&S to ensure they are happy.                                                             With regard to a second site, it seems planning consent would be required – with associated cost and timescale – so it may be more prudent to find a business willing to hang the sign on their building.  I intend to attend the next Broadstone Chamber meeting and will see if there are any willing and appropriate business locations.

At the beginning of August I started the BNW Facebook and Twitter pages. The Facebook page is being followed by 60 people, almost all of which are Broadstone residents.  There have been a few shares and comments but it is a good start.  The twitter page has only 8 followers so far but I am posting less frequently and twitter attracts different sorts of people and organisations.  I am mainly sharing Police, Fire and local news issues.  Both have been promoted in my September link article so I expect the numbers to increase but with low views on our website it won’t be long before twitter overtakes that and there is no cost involved.


  1. Treasurer’s report.   (Richard Hudson)

Income and Expenditure  

  1. The Treasurer reported that the Watch had received a total £2,911 in membership subscriptions during the five months since the start of its current financial year on 1st This meant that approximately £600 was outstanding, on the assumption that total income for 2017/18 would be roughly the same as it had been in the last few years.


  1. To date, 32 of the Watch’s 40 coordinators had remitted the subscriptions and collection slips for their groups to the Treasurer, which was similar to the position in early September in previous years. Towards the end of September he would follow up collections that were still outstanding.


  1. Administrative expenses for the five months to the end of August amounted to £829, comprising £673 for printing, £90 for AGM and other meeting expenses, £43 for Neighbourhood Watch street signs and £23 for sundries.


  1. The Watch had made two donations so far this year: £500 for bike marking and £500 to Poole Forum. As requested by the Committee in June, the Treasurer had obtained confirmation from the Forum that an appreciable number of the people with learning disabilities whom the Forum supported lived in the Broadstone area.   


  1. The Watch held £10,943 in its Barclays bank account at 31st August 2017, together with a petty cash float of £82.

Bank Mandate

  1. The Treasurer reported that Chris Burt was now a cheque signatory for the Watch.
  2. Following authorisation by the Committee at its June meeting, the BNW bank mandate had been changed to allow cheques to be signed by only one signatory. Adopting a single signatory mandate had also enabled the Treasurer to make internet bank payments on behalf of BNW, which was proving far more efficient than having to write cheques every month.


  1. Membership and Development Officer’s report (Russell Perry)

The Collection Slips for 30 out of the 40 Areas have been processed.

We now have 3,259 members out of a possible 4,712 (69%).

I have circulated a detailed breakdown to the committee.

Residents in Widworthy Drive have not responded to the letter which was sent to them. It was suggested that another Contact in Widworthy Drive could take some of the deliveries from the previous Contact.  A Contact in area Blue 10 has also resigned and his members have not paid their donations. Vikki may deliver to his area and ask for these.

There will be a gentle reminder in the Newsletter, for Contacts and Co-ordinators to circulate Newsletters earlier, so that members receive their copy before the dates of events.


  1. Editor’s report. (Colin Merrett)

Thanks to Malcolm Burgess for producing last month’s newsletter. This month’s edition is about to be circulated.

Colin reminded the Committee that Neighbourhood Watch work with the Police to provide a Safer Community, and our monthly Newsletter is of assistance for this.


  1. E-mail Membership and special Newsletters. (John Hewer)

The total Members on the BNW e-mail distribution list now stands at 279. 267 have the Newsletter, 258 Dorset Alerts, in addition, there are now 10 special e mail Newsletters, & 1 special e mail large print Newsletter. This is 4 less than the July total.

There has also been the usual changes and updates made to member’s data. New members have joined, and other have left.



  1. Police report    (sent by PCSO Dan Cammell)


Apologies for being unable to attend the meeting.

Due to a rearrangement of staffing I will now be responsible for the Broadstone Merley, Creekmoor & Waterloo areas – due to losing part time Creekmoor and Waterloo officer Kerrie Burns, to the Parkstone, Penn Hill and Canford Cliffs team.


I shall be endeavouring to maintain as much of a presence in Broadstone as I possibly can and am still planning on attending as many community events/meetings as possible – this includes working with yourselves on various community focused projects. As always we also have a contingent of response officers, firearms, dog units & civilian investigators available to respond to 999 and 101 incidents.


I am currently in a period of deliberation with the force in relation to securing funding for the Police 4×4 ‘Rhino’ vehicle discussed in our previous meeting. I have liaised with our force supplier and have attached the details received:


Running costs

All vehicles require a service either annually or by a mileage trigger.



Both of the Rhinos we currently have in Dorset are stored in garages but they are derived from an agricultural vehicle so don’t feel this is a necessity but it will for obvious reasons will accelerate wear and determination of certain components.


Additional information

On an operational perspective they have been greatly received, they can go where other vehicles cannot and have come into their own where conditions have been difficult.


As discussed with the Watch previously I believe this vehicle will be an asset in its usage within the Poole West (Broadstone, Merley, Canford Heath and Creekmoor) area – especially with the recent reports of fire setting and unauthorised vehicle use on our heathlands and am extremely grateful for any assistance that the Watch may be able to deliberate on in reference to this initiative. As more information in relation to additional funding from partner agencies and the OPCC’s office is available I will advise the watch.


No major crime series are currently ongoing within the Broadstone area, however we have had recent reports of anti-social behaviour reported at both the cricket pavilion and within the Creekmoor-Broadstone bridleway located to the rear of West Way. These hotspots are currently being monitored and regularly patrolled by officers and those involved dealt with by both Police and anti-social behavioural officers from Poole Borough Council.


I have conducted several visits to elderly residents throughout this past month following reports of fraudulent phone calls from persons stating that they are calling from the HMRC. During these phone calls residents are advised to pay a fraudulent tax rebate fee or face the consequence of being arrested within approximately half an hour. We are advising any residents that may receive phone calls such as these to NOT pass any details, hang up and to contact Action Fraud/Dorset Police passing details including phone numbers, names, accents and any requests made. The victims that I have visited this past month have been very shaken up by calls such as these, unfortunately these types of calls are also seemingly on the increase, therefore, it is imperative that this advice is passed to as many recipients as possible.



  1. Lamp post and BNW signs. (Chris Walton and Sub-Committee)


Chris has done much work locating and reporting on the state of all BNW signs on lamp posts in Broadstone. We have 128 road signs on Lamp posts and 8 on private property. The Council programme to change Lamp columns to LED working is still likely to affect 34 existing signs which need to be monitored. 21 signs were lost or incorrectly replaced to date and this needs monitoring.

41 signs need to be changed at £60 each, or £2,460 in total.

5 requests for new signs were accepted by the sub-committee at £90 each, or £450 in total

Roads with no signs were considered and Crime data included, this amounted to 24 new signs needed at £90 each or £2160 total.


The total cost to BNW of these proposals is £2460 + £450 + £2160  =  £5,070.

These proposals and all the details were submitted to the BNW Committee by e-mail prior to the meeting, with the locations of all the 28 proposed new signs.


The meeting discussed the new signs and their possible lifespan, and thanked Chris for all his hard work and detail in completing this exploration of BNW signs.

Richard suggested that we have £2,000 per year to spend on such Broadstone projects, so this would cover 2 and a half years expenditure. The Watch also held reserves of more than £ 9,000.


A vote was taken and all the Committee present agreed unanimously with this proposal.

It was agreed that Chris should organise the work with the help of the sub-committee.



  1. Dates for 2018.


Elaine will contact the Methodist Church about dates for Committee meetings and St John’s Church for possible dates for the AGM, or if problems, the War Memorial Hall or the Junction



  1. AOB


There have been questions on the BNW website about possible dates for bike marking. There are no more plans for this year. Vikki will enquire if the Police have had any requests,


The meeting closed at 9.25pm.