Minutes of Committee Meeting 6 March 2108


DJ Room, Methodist Church Centre, Broadstone.

Present.          Vikki Slade (Chairman), Chris Walton, Richard Hudson, Russell Perry, Wendy Perry, John Hewer,  Malcolm Burgess, Chris Burt, John Lodge,  Allan Jeans, David Williams, Cllr Mike Brooke and Elaine Frew. .

Chris Walton took the Chair until Vikki Slade was able to attend after a prior engagement.

  1. Apologies.   Colin Merrett.
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on 9th January  2018 were agreed by all as a true record, and signed by the Deputy Chairman
  3. Matters Arising. There were none.
  4. Correspondence and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)

Most information and news has been circulated via e-mail.

Stepping Stones

All information is in the Newsletter.                                                                          The Easter Service is on Tuesday April 3rd. In the United Reformed Church.

We need to keep advertising the safety bracelets for vulnerable Broadstone residents, to keep everyone aware of them. Enquiries should be made to Annette Brooke.

We need our members to keep an eye on any vulnerable residents – especially in the latest inclement weather.

  1. Chairman’s Report (Vikki Slade).

Many thanks to Chris for stepping into the Chair for part of this meeting

Since the last meeting, there has been a lot of interest on Facebook about crime, not all of it directly on our Facebook page, but it does demonstrate the need for BNW to have a good social media presence.

Late last year CCTV of shoplifting in Broadstone was shared on Facebook, and last month similar images were shared of two men stealing bikes that were locked up outside The Goods Yard pub.  Images of suspicious vehicles have also been shared and I have some reservations about the risk of mistaken identity. This shows that people need to be careful of what is written.

Our newsletter is still generating plenty of engagement – last month I wrote about the impact of Dog Fouling as Anti-Social Behaviour.  Since then, I am getting regular emails from residents advising me that they have been in contact with the council and I hope that at Easter I will be able to meet with the Council Dog Warden or Environmental Services Officers to create a plan of action for Broadstone – whether that be signage, education or enforcement.

At the last Neighbourhood Panel meeting, the future of the Youth Shelter was extensively discussed. My application for funding from the Borough of Poole Neighbourhood Portion was rejected because it related to a Broadstone Project.  The Chair of the NPT – who is also Service Head of Transportation – is keen that progress is made to re-site the structure and he is looking into alternative funding pots.  I made it clear that BNW was happy to co-fund to the level already confirmed, but that this was only if the shelter was repaired and re-sited and NOT for the removal costs. It would cost £800 to remove the shelter from its present site

The committee was keen to investigate a new site, and to repaint the structure so that it is more appealing to the wider community and refer to the structure as a Community Shelter which should deter Anti-Social Behaviour and the taking-over of the site by larger groups.

The Committee discussed the idea of buying an open Electoral Register, but decided not to proceed with it, as it is better to knock on doors and chat to members. The Open Register holds only the residents who wish to be included, and many do not. It has to be updated each year.

I continue to publish Contact vacancies in our newsletters and in the Broadstone Link. In most cases, these appeals are successful and I propose continuing to do this.  Can we approve the creation of additional newsletters in April and May to enable contacts to target additional members? This was agreed.

I know there are a number of areas without contacts that will not have received regular newsletters.  I would like to create a subcommittee that can meet regularly to target roads in this situation. Vikki will write about this in the April Newsletter.

  1. Treasurer’s Report. (Richard Hudson)

Income and Expenditure  

  1. The Treasurer reported that BNW had to date received £3,556 in subscriptions from members for the current financial year 2017/18. This left the Watch only £21 short of the full year amount of £3,577 received in financial year 2016


  1. All coordinators had now accounted to the Treasurer for subscriptions collected this financial year. However, collections from two contact groups were still outstanding: a group in Widworthy Drive (Blue 7) and another in Delph Road (Red 1). It was now unlikely that any subscription income would be received from these groups for the year to 31st March 2018.


  1. At its meeting in January, the Committee had agreed that the Watch should still send hard copy or email newsletters to members who had not paid their subscription, in order to retain their goodwill and in the hope they would pay their subs next year. Russ Perry said he would flag up these households in the register, thereby making it possible to identify those people who did not pay a subscription in the ensuing year, for the purpose of ensuring that their ‘free’ membership was then terminated.


  1. The Watch was seeking new contacts for groups currently without one – and Committee members were acting as interim contacts for some of these. It was suggested that when a new contact could not be appointed, subscriptions could be collected and newsletters distributed by asking members to pass things on from one neighbour to another, as had happened in BNW’s past. The Treasurer pointed out that BNW’s current ‘business model’ was still very robust, as evidenced by the fact only two groups had not made collections and the total sum involved was roughly £35, representing only 1% of income. It was quite usual for the Watch to have some coordinator and contact vacancies at any time in the year, due to people resigning, moving from Broadstone etc.


  1. Administrative expenses for the eleven months to 28th February amounted to £2,288 comprising £1,356 for printing, £144 for AGM and other meeting expenses, £703 for Neighbourhood Watch street signs and £85 for sundries. Expenditure on street signs includes £660 (incl. VAT) for Watch signs supplied and erected by Poole Council in 2016.
  2. BNW had made three donations totalling £1,050 so far this year: £500 for bike marking, £500 to Poole Forum and £50 to The Royal British Legion for a Remembrance Sunday wreath.


  1. The income and expenditure reported above resulted in an operating surplus of £218 for the eleven months to 28th This meant the Watch would broadly speaking break even in the full year to 31st March, barring any major unforeseen expenditure this month.    


  1. The Watch currently held £10,003 in its Barclays community bank account, together with a petty cash float of £82.
  2. BNW was open to challenge as to why it needed this amount of cash. One reason was that the Watch made deficits in some years and so needed reserves as a buffer. The Watch also had plans for expensive new projects, such as new and replacement street signs and a possible contribution to a quad bike for police use on Broadstone heath.

Collection of Subscriptions for New Financial Year

  1. The Treasurer and Russ Perry (in his capacity of Membership, Development and Email Newsletter Officer) had together designed a new collection slip for use in the Watch’s new financial year beginning on 1st April, derived from data held in Russ’s Access BNW database. The new slip would facilitate collections because it pre-listed all the addresses for which a particular contact was responsible, with space to add any new members recruited, and a column to record the status of each household e.g. existing member, not interested, deceased etc.
  2. The Treasurer was grateful to Russ for all his help with the new collection slips and for printing the coordinator and contact letters and address labels. The envelopes would be ready for distribution with the March newsletters.

The Non-payment groups were discussed and it was decided that they would receive the Newsletter for this year only. Various methods of distributing the Newsletter were discussed, but it was agreed that ‘Door Knocking’ was the best way to find a Contact. David Williams and Chris Burt will visit Widworthy Drive.

  1. Membership, Development and E-mail Newsletters. ( Russell Perry)

Membership is 3,320 members (69.15%), 40 more members required to reach 70%.

1,034 addresses in Broadstone have not been members since at least before Jeff Davies left the Watch committee.  There are at least six more properties being built in York Road.

There are 293 members receiving their Newsletters by email (8.83%).                                      Peter Andrews (Contact Blue Area 1) has recruited two more members but he doesn’t know their addresses.

Vacant Contacts

Amber 2 Vacant 167 Northbrook Road John Lodge has recruited a replacement 24
Blue 1 Vacant 8 Jane Kynaston’s old group. Vikki is covering 6
Blue 7 Vacant 38 Widworthy Drive 24
Blue 10 Vacant 235 Parris’ old group 7
Yellow 8 Vacant 134 Lytchett Drive 16
Red 7 Portmore Close Martin Braithwaite has resigned.  Wendy is covering. 15

Chris Burt offered to help in the Lytchett Drive area.

  1. Editor’s report   (Colin Merrett)

I’m sorry that the March Newsletter has had to be held back by a week, but the poor weather meant that we didn’t receive all the reports in time and this then had a knock-on effect as Stella & Allen are now away until the middle of next week.  If I have the Police Report by 9.30 this Wednesday morning, I’ll add it – otherwise we’ll run with the copy we already have.  To fit in with the printer’s schedule in order to get it printed in time for Stella & Allen’s return, I’ll then email it to John and Russell by Wednesday lunchtime at the latest.  I’m afraid there’ll be no time to circulate it first for checking this month.

I’ve produced a revised schedule for the next few months, which I’ve circulated and which evens out the gaps between the monthly issues.  Contributors please note the changes.

  1. Special Newsletters      (John Hewer)

8 members are having the special e-mail newsletters. The Large print e-mail newsletter has now ceased.

5 copies of the large print paper are still being delivered.

Printing of the paper copies after the upgrade to Office 2016 is still working well, and we have no more unexpected changes.

John will book new the slightly later printing dates with the printers for the next 3 months.

  1. Police Report.

The Committee was concerned that there was no report again for this meeting, Vikki will write to the Inspector asking if someone else can write a report, if our local Police are unable to attend our meetings..

It was agreed to ask Martyn Underhill to speak in our short Police slot at our AGM, about the latest Neighbourhood policing changes.

  1. November Crime Stats.

It has been noticed that the crime stats seem to flag up anomalies, but as there was no police presence this could not be discussed.

  1. AGM and Speaker.

The AGM will be on Thursday 24th May at 7.30pm in St John’s Church Hall.

The Speaker will be Ricky Fidler – the Drone Lead for Dorset, Devon and Cornwall Police. He is willing to demonstrate flying these – if we have enough space and time.                     .

Chris Walton will be key-holder for this event.  Committee members will help to set up the hall.

Wendy Perry will do refreshments and will need help with this.

Vikki will check list of invitees for the meeting.

  1. Road Signs.

Lamp posts are still being changed by the Council, and our BNW road signs are being lost. We need to keep our list up to date before the Council merges with Bournemouth. Chris Walton will forward the details of an alternative sign supplier before we consider buying these as not all suppliers are on the approved Council list.

Vikki will check on a lady who offered to help. She will also check with BOP about replacement lampposts to check signs.

Cllr Mike Brooke reminded the committee of the Forum AGM on Thursday 22nd March in St. John’s Church Hall. The Speaker will be from Strategic Planning.

Chris Burt said that Dorset Alert are recommending Quad 9, which will block suspect sites on the computer.