Minutes of Committee Meeting held on 09 January 2018

Present.          Vikki Slade (Chairman), Richard Hudson, Russell Perry, Wendy Perry, John Hewer, Colin Merrett, Malcolm Burgess, Chris Burt, Allan Jeans, David Williams, Cllr Mike Brooke and Elaine Frew. .

  1. Apologies.   Chris Walton, John Lodge and PCSO Dan Cammell.
  2. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on 7th November 2017 were agreed by all as a true record, and signed by the Chairman
  3. Matters Arising.  Russell reminded all committee members to provide him with a                             photograph for identity cards.


  • Correspondence and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)

I have booked the dates for all the Committee Meetings dates for this year which I circulated to all Committee members. The AGM will be on Thursday 24th May in St John’s Church Hall.

Stepping Stones

The attendance at meetings has gradually increased, and there has been interest in the bracelets for vulnerable Broadstone patients.                                                             Broadstone has various Dementia Friendly venues and some displaying the new sticker.     Through the short articles in the Newsletter our residents are becoming more aware of the problems for Dementia patients.

  1. Chair’s Report.    (Vikki Slade).

There has been a lot of correspondence between members of the committee over the   last couple of months of 2017 about the sustainability of our model. It is clear that as our membership  – so too does the average age of contacts and co-ordinators.                                                                                   I am happy to listen to ideas about how we recruit new contacts but my instinct is that we will not maintain our membership and our coverage of the community without retaining this model and that we will need to reach out area by area for new blood. We have already seen the demise of the Broadstone Residents Association and to some extent the Chamber of Trade so we have become the only remaining organisation that reaches everyone.                                                                                                                                        The fiasco of the Broadstone Christmas Lights shows that the public like to get outraged but are less likely to get stuck in when the chips are down. There is interest out there we just need to harness it. I am happy to run a street stall once the weather warms a little, and to knock some doors in areas where new contacts or co-ordinators are needed.

During December I delivered around 50 new BNW window stickers to members across Broadstone and have had some lovely feedback from members. I have also been sharing issues through our facebook page (and twitter) and we have now reached 100 followers. I have yet to seek new contacts in this way, but I will do so.

The newsletter continues to generate correspondence with our members. I am often phoned by members on a range of issues, receive comments on the contents and a number of us are asked to deal with issues. Some of the issues are very low level, or slightly niche, whilst others like the case of the Arrow fired in Edwina Drive are potentially serious and I believe we continue to offer a real support to the police, not only in seeking witnesses and information but also in standing up for residents who feel that perhaps the police are not treating their issue with enough attention.

I have to report that – Borough of Poole have rejected the application to fund the Youth Shelter from the Neighbourhood Portion, stating that this should be funded by the Broadstone Neighbourhood Forum. At this stage, BNF have been concentrating on obtaining support for the Neighbourhood Plan, and officially renewing their licence. I do not believe they are at a stage to offer funding for any schemes, although we are meeting in the next few weeks to talk this through. As I understand it, Mike Brooke who is currently Chair of the organisation is going to bring this up at their AGM in May and hopes to create a new committee whose role will be to manage the funding being set aside from development in Broadstone. I think that realistically there is no prospect of them starting a funding programme until the end of 2018 at the earliest and I have stressed to Borough of Poole that we would only be prepared to offer a contribution to the Youth Shelter if it is moved, and if the main bulk of the funding comes from elsewhere. I will keep you informed.

Finally, I wanted to bring forward some ideas for 2018.

  • Are there projects or organisations that we would wish to help with funding?
  • Do we need to promote ourselves – through street stalls and at the fun day?
  • Should we reach out further in our newsletter? We already have a slot for Stepping Stones, are there any other organisations that we should be offering a slot to – for example the Fire Service to promote Safe and Well visits ?

It is becoming more difficult to recruit people to regularly volunteer in all organisations so I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting BNW and for helping to lead this organisation. I am sure this will be a challenging year but we are certainly the best team to deal with that challenge.

It was suggested that as Marks and Spencer are very Community-minded this may help to re-vitalise Chamber of Trade. Perhaps the formation of Shop-Watch locally may help as other new businesses open.

  1. Treasurer’s report.    (Richard Hudson)

The Treasurer reported that BNW had to date received £3,556 in subscriptions from members for the current financial year 2017/18. This left the Watch only £21 short of the full year amount of £3,577 received in financial year 2016/17.


All coordinators had now accounted to the Treasurer for subscriptions collected this financial year. However, subscriptions had not been received from a contact group in Widworthy Drive (Blue 7) and another in Delph Road (Red 1). The Treasurer was still trying to contact the Delph Road contact and it might be possible to organise a collection in Widworthy Drive.


A general discussion followed. It was agreed that at this stage of BNW’s financial year the Watch should still send hard copy or email newsletters to members who had not paid their subscription, in order to retain their goodwill and in the hope they would pay their subs next year. As happened every year, some coordinators and contacts had resigned. It was agreed that the Watch would continue to find replacements by knocking on doors in the affected roads and also by notifying members in the newsletter of posts that needed to be filled.


Administrative expenses for the nine months to the end of December amounted to £1,997 comprising £1,109 for printing, £126 for AGM and other meeting expenses, £703 for Neighbourhood Watch street signs and £59 for sundries. Expenditure on street signs included £660 (incl. VAT) for Watch signs supplied and erected by Poole Council in 2016.


BNW had made three donations totalling £1,050 so far this year: £500 for bike marking, £500 to Poole Forum and £50 to The Royal British Legion for a Remembrance Sunday wreath.        



The Watch currently held £10,199 in its Barclays community bank account, together with a petty cash float of £82.

It was suggested that we might consider purchasing a gazebo for BNW to use at such events as the Fun Day. This may be easier than borrowing one as in previous years.

Vikki agreed to attempt to find a Contact for Higher Blandford Road.                                               She will also e-mail Chris Walton about a possible Road Sign manufacturer.

  1. Membership and Development Officer’s report. (Russell Perry)

We have a total membership of 3,321, or whom 263 (8%) receive their Newsletters via e-mail. 40 more members are required to reach the 70% coverage.

Status of Co-ordinators and Contacts.                                                                                                            Blue 1 – Jane Kynaston has left and Vikki is covering.                                                                               Blue 3               –  Sheila Clarke has problems, but hopes to carry on for the moment.                                                                                                                      Amber 2 – Keighley Avenue – 18 members – John Lodge is covering.                                              Northbrook Road – 24 members – John Lodge is covering.                                                                      Blue 10 – Higher Blandford Road – 28 members – vacant.                                                                        Vikki will try to find a replacement Contact.

Central 3 – Selby Road – 14 members – John Lodge is covering.

Red 2 –  Upper Golf Links Road –  8 members – Mike Brooke will add to his group.         Yellow 1 –  Upton Way – 13 members – vacant.

  1. Editor’s report         (Colin Merrett)

There have been no problems with the production of the Newsletters                                                It would be interesting for members if the Police report could also include outcomes to previously reported crimes.                                                                                                               The Newsletter could also include updates and information from Dorset Trading Standards and other areas, as space permits.

  1. Special Newsletters   (John Hewer)

8 Members are receiving Special e-mail Newsletters, and there is 1 large print e-mail copy. The large print copy may stop as John has not received a reply from the member in 3 months.                                                                                                                                     5 members receive large print paper copies.                                                                                                                   The printing of the normal paper copies has been upgraded to Office 16, and is working well.

  1. Police report.       (Sent from PCSO Dan Cammell)

Apologies for my non-attendance this evening, unfortunately commitments have made this impossible.

Throughout December, Broadstone – has remained relatively quiet in terms of quantifiable criminal activity. This is not to say that Broadstone isn’t keeping us busy!

This past month Dorset Police staff have responded to three separate incidents involving elderly residents suffering from various illnesses – the prominent of which being Alzheimer’s/Dementia, having been reported missing from their homes.                   Thankfully, due to diligence from both staff and assisting members of the public (including Broadstone residents/NHW members) on each of these occasions those missing were returned back home to their loved ones without harm.

These types of incidents prove just how important schemes such as the “Stepping Stones” project and community groups such as the Neighbourhood Watch itself are to ensuring that people are kept safe within their community – no matter their age or physical/mental ability.

Action Fraud – Broadstone                                                                                                 Yet again on a day to day basis our most notable work over the Christmas period involved supporting victims of telephone/email/dating scams. Once again, these scams carry with them a variety of themes including, but not limited to: Befriending of persons through dating websites then subsequently asking for monetary offerings, cold calls from persons stating issues with the victims’ computer, faux calls from bank staff asking for banking details and calls from energy providers stating that payments have been blocked amongst many others. Once again in each of these cases I would advise recipients of these calls to hang up and report any details including any phone numbers or company names to www.actionfraud.police.uk.

Current Crimes (December – January 18’)

  • As mentioned several times previously we are still receiving numerous reports of telephone scams detailed to us over this previous month, we would like to remind members of the Watch/residents to advise elderly neighbours about the best way to deal with these types of calls.
  • An arrow has been found lodged in a residents blue recycle bin located outside an address in Edwina Drive, Poole. It is unknown exactly where this arrow has come from; however should anyone have any information we would like to hear from you

Chris Walton also sent a report about the bow and arrow incident. The residents involved are very concerned. Chris has been communicating with them and has organised a poster asking for information which will be put up in Edwina Drive.

Vikki also reported on a Distraction Theft from Broadway Florist shop when 2 women entered the shop and one stole a purse belonging to a member of staff from the back of the shop.



  1. Road Signs (sent by Chris Walton)

I have done a bit more on the Road signs job during December.  The Council seem to have progressed to a further phase of the work after the LED Lighting head changes on the Lamp Posts.  The new work involves re-visiting the sites and removing Concrete lamp posts, installing new metal ones instead.  This happens even on Lamp Posts where the LED lighting head has already been installed!.  The LED Lighting heads work had a published schedule showing what was going to be done where.  There is no schedule published for the Concrete to metal Lamp Post changes, we just have to discover where they have been done!  The big snag here is that they are losing a lot more of our signs when they change out the Concrete Lamp Posts.  I just have to run round and spot it when they have done another change!.  My Register of Lamp Posts and NW signs is still good, but there is a lot of work involved in just spotting what they have done and checking that the sign is still present and facing the right direction.  I need to produce a new list of problems (lost signs, poor fixings, and facing the wrong way etc), and also check the last list which they were supposed to have fixed.  Some of our work on checking for sign condition with a view to changing is now suspect as the signs they re-fit are not necessarily the same one which comes off the Post.  They also have fitted at least one new one (Macaulay Road) which was not there before, and we were going to pay for a new one there!.  You can see the job is far from easy and straightforward.  If anyone wants to take it over to get a faster job done, the Register is in good condition recording where we are up to, and would be a good basis for handover.

Members of the Committee were asked to help with all the checking.

  1. Youth Shelter

This was covered in the Chair’s report.

  1. Future Retirement of Co-ordinators and Contacts.

This was covered in Membership report. It was agreed that the best way to find new people is to knock on doors.

Chris Burt reported that Dorset Alert now has a new format, and wondered what people thought about the new set-up.

Broadstone Forum        (Cllr. Mike Brooke)

Mike reported that the current consultation is now closed and results have gone to the examiner. The response was that mostly agreed and would like to move ahead.                 The examiner’s decision will take about 2 weeks, and then there may be a Referendum possibly in March. At the moment, it looks as if it will all go ahead.


The meeting closed at 9.25pm