November 2017

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on
07 November 2017
DJ Room, Methodist Church Centre, Broadstone.

Present. Vikki Slade (Chairman), Russell Perry, Wendy Perry, John Hewer, Malcolm Burgess, John Lodge, Chris Burt, PCSO Dan Cammell, PCSO James Somerville, and Elaine Frew. .

1. Apologies. Chris Walton, Richard Hudson, Colin Merrett, David Williams, Allan Jeans, and Cllr. Mike Brooke.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on 5th September were agreed by all as a true record.

3. Matters Arising. There were none.

4. Correspondence and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)
Thanks to Chris Walton for all his work on Road signs. Everyone has been circulated with his findings before this meeting.
The Committee have received various information via e-mail before this meeting The broken Youth Shelter has featured prominently and this will be discussed later.
Dates for next year have been booked I will contact the Dorset Police Drone Leader unless anyone else has further suggestions for the AGM.
Stepping Stones The various meetings continue each month, and the Friday Drop-in Group has increased in size and popularity. Dates and times are published each month in our Newsletter and this has helped to publicise events. Annette Brooke organised a very interesting talk by Poole Lifeline with a demonstration of equipment available including the chair to raise patients off the floor after falling. Various Broadstone shops and organisations have undertaken Dementia Friendly training and display the new stickers. Others are being encouraged to join.

5. Chair’s Report (Vikki Slade)
At the last committee meeting, it was agreed that we would try and collect the subscriptions from part of Higher Blandford Road. We met all the residents, collecting the majority of the subscriptions and securing some new members, but we need a new contact/deliverer for this round.
I have also spoken to a number of committee members about the problem we face if any of our contacts and co-ordinators need to retire and over the next couple of years and there is a real possibility that we would be unable to hand deliver to the whole of Broadstone. This is a fundamental part of our Watch so we must take action on this. I have made this the subject of the November Newsletter Chairs Report and will do so for the December Link.
We also discussed some of the funding ideas including the replacement Community Boards. I have had it confirmed that M&S have agreed to fund a replacement Community Board when they open- and the developers have put up temporary boards on their hoardings. We still need to find a new site for the northern end of the Broadway/Station Approach and with your support I would like to approach McCarthy and Stone and also The Junction to see if we can place something on their buildings, as this could reduce costs and the need for planning permission.
Since the last meeting, there have also been meetings and a number of communications about the Youth Shelter in the underpass. The history of this facility has been discussed many times but it was my opinion at the time, that this was an unsuitable site for the shelter. The current position is that I have written a Bid to the CIL Neighbourhood Portion Fund with BNW and BYC jointly funding up to 10% of the cost (bid value £12000) if it is successful. I have made it clear that if we are unsuccessful in the bid, we are not willing to pay for repairs or removal.
The funding bid also makes clear that we will approach the manufacturer for advice about installation and establish whether the structure was fit for purpose, whether there is any case for them fixing it under warranty, whether the shelter was installed correctly, or whether it would be more efficient and effective to buy a new shelter. The Committee discussed moving a new Youth Shelter to a position in Station Approach Car Park, and all agreed this would be a better position. The siting of a possible CCTV camera in this car park for a trial period was discussed, and it was thought it may encourage people to feel safer. Vikki will enquire about the Safe Car Park Initiative with the Council.
Vikki is keen that as many members as possible display a Neighbourhood Watch sticker in their front windows

6. Treasurer’s report. (Richard Hudson)
The Committee had received this report in advance of the meeting as Richard was unable to attend.
Income and Expenditure
The Watch has to date received £3,431 in subscriptions from members for the current financial year 2017/18. The comparable figure for 2016/17 (as reported to the Committee in November 2016) was £3,435, which underlines how remarkably stable BNW’s subscription income is.
All coordinators have accounted to me for subscriptions collected this financial year, apart from Blue 7 – because no collection has yet been made for a contact group covering a number of homes in Widworthy Drive. Two other coordinators (who have sent me cash/cheques and collection slips) also have an outstanding contact group: Yellow 8 (several homes in Lytchett Drive) and Red 1 (several homes in Delph Road). I’m following these up.
Administrative expenses for the seven months to the end of October amounted to £1,061, comprising £887 for printing, £108 for AGM and other meeting expenses, £43 for Neighbourhood Watch street signs and £23 for sundries. Following correspondence and meetings with staff at Poole Council, it transpires that BNW owes £660 (incl. VAT) for Watch signs supplied and erected by the Council in 2016. This effectively increases administrative expenses for the current year to date to £1,721

The Watch has made two donations so far this year: £500 for bike marking and £500 to Poole Forum.
As has been customary for BNW for several years, I’ve given a donation of £50 to The Royal British Legion for our Remembrance Sunday wreath.
I also propose to buy two bottles of wine for Allen and Stella Lewis for Xmas, as we did last year. This is to thank them for distributing the newsletter every month and is also in recognition of the fact that they kindly decline to accept reimbursement for their car mileage.
The Watch held £11,105 in its Barclays bank account at 31st October 2017 and a petty cash float of £82.
It was suggested and agreed by the Committee, that the gift to Allen and Sella should be a case of wine.

7. Membership and Development Officer’s report (Russell Perry)
Situation I have processed the 2017 Collection Slips of 39 out of 40 Areas, with a few Contact groups still to be received.
The current state of play is: – 3,255 eligible members out of a possible 4,711. This represents a coverage of 69.09% – we therefore need another 43 eligible members to reach 70% coverage. We have 3,318 members in total, of which 63 are outside the Police area covering Broadstone.
Maintenance The Coordinator for Red Area 3, has recruited a new Contact, to replace Derek Harris. This is the best way for the Watch to keep going.
Blue Area 3 has lost a Contact and has had no luck, so far, in finding a replacement. I will pitch in and help with the recruitment this week BUT If I can’t find a replacement, I would like to offer all of the Members, in the Contact group, the choice of receiving Newsletters via email or nothing at all. This may result in a member of the Committee having to collect the Subscriptions. I seek your approval for this approach.
The Committee were agreed that delivery of paper Newsletters is more community-minded by keeping an eye on the vulnerable. They recognise that there are some problems of getting payments annually for a few months from some members.

8. Editor’s report. (Colin Merrett)
This was sent in advance by e-mail. All appears to have gone to plan over the last few months. Colin will get the schedule out for 2018 shortly and circulate to all, so that the deadlines are known.

9. E Mail and Special Newsletters. (John Hewer)
John reported the total Members on the BNW e-mail distribution list is now 279. 266 have the Newsletter, 256 Dorset Alerts, in addition. There are now 10 special e mail Newsletters, & 1 special e mail large print Newsletter. Overall, no change to the July total. There has also been the usual changes with new members joining and others leaving, and replacements, and updates made to member’s data.
There is an increase of £5 in monthly printing cost due to paper cost.

10. Police report (PCSO Dan Cammell)
Dan reported that there was little crime happening in Broadstone at present, and that ASB numbers have decreased.
The Police have had another reshuffle of staff, and our Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) covers Broadstone, Canford Heath, Merley and Creekmoor.
Police Officers no longer work with the PCSO’s… The Police Officers are now in Poole as a “Brigade” and are sent out to any problems as they arise. The PCSO’s now provide our local day-to-day policing The PCSOs tell the Sergeant of any trouble and a team of Police are sent over.
A break-in in Golf Links Road was dealt with by this Response Team.
A pool of resources is available if needed, and this has the benefit of having more officers covering the whole area.

11. Youth Shelter and CCTV

This was discussed during the Chair’s report.

12. Street Signs.

In Chris Walton’s absence, Vikki reported that the street sign project is proving rather more frustrating than expected. Conflicting information and pricing is coming from Borough of Poole officers. Vikki agreed to become the liaison with the Council.
Chris Walton has a list of Street signs needing to be checked before the Council invoice is paid, and that work that needs doing. The Council should replace the signs that they have removed.

There is a new logo for new signs and this was issued by “Ourwatch” in April 2017
There is a company who are credited by the Council, who can provide and fit the signs. Chris will get quotes from them..

We will try to have an update on this issue at our January meeting.

13. Dates for 2018.

The AGM will be in St John’s Church Hall on Thursday, 24th May at 7.30pm. Committee Meetings will be on dates already circulated, and will be two-monthly in the Methodist Church Room from 7.30pm.

14. AOB.

Vikki suggested that the Committee ID cards should be updated.
It was suggested that we have an ID card with a photograph to identify us.

There was no other business, and the meeting closed at 9.25pm.