November 2019 Minutes


                    Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch

           Committee Meeting: 5th November 2019






Present:  Chris Walton, Elaine Frew, Colin Merrett, Richard Hudson, Chris Burt, John Lodge, David Williams, Allan Jeans, Malcolm Burgess



In Attendance: Samatha Holmes, Lindy Wilson (Dorset Police)



Apologies: Vikki Slade, Russ Perry, Wendy Perry, Mike Brooke






Chris Walton (Vice Chairman) chaired the meeting in the absence of Vikki Slade (Chairman).









Police Report (Samantha Holmes and Lindy Wilson)






A Police Report had been sent to BNW’s Secretary and Samantha Holmes and Lindy Wilson spoke to this at the meeting. Points arising:



·         Telephone scams and vehicle break-ins were the biggest crime categories in Broadstone

·         The take-up of Dorset Alert was comparatively low in Dorset

·         Dorset Police filtered telephone and cyber scams to Action Fraud. However, there had been a lot of national media criticism recently of the performance of Action Fraud and so this didn’t inspire much confidence. Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner was aware of this. 






It was noted that there were major differences between the categories and numbers of crimes set out in the Police Report and the crime statistics in BNW’s Newsletter, which were extracted from the Police.UK website. A particular case in point was that the Police Report did not show violence/sexual offences. Samantha H and Lindy W explained that the crimes in the Police Report were those of most relevance to community policing and in respect of which residents generally could help the police. Members of the Committee were concerned that data in the Police Report made crime in Broadstone look lower than was the actual case. It was agreed that this presentational issue should be kept under review.    






Samantha Holmes undertook to attend BNW Committee meetings and to provide these meetings with a Police Report.








Minutes of Last Meeting and Matters Arising






The minutes of the meeting held on 5 September 2019 were approved by the Committee and signed by Chris Walton. There were no matters arising.






Secretary’s Report (Elaine Frew)






Angela Sleet has resigned from the Committee as Minutes Secretary.

Thanks to Chris Burt for correcting and producing the Minutes for our last meeting in September.





Richard Hudson will produce Minutes for this meeting. It was agreed that the other Committee Members could take turns with this, until we get another Secretary.


All Committee



Elaine had arranged and confirmed dates for BNW meetings in 2020 including the AGM, and these dates had been circulated to all Committee members. Other information had been circulated by e-mail.






The Watch had canvassed coordinators about Dorset Police’s Neighbourhood Reassurance Team pilot but there was no interest. Chris Walton will contact Elaine Ryan (Prevention Development Officer, Dorset Police) to tell her.








The Committee needed to decide on a Speaker for BNW’s AGM next May. It was agreed that Martyn Underhill, the retiring Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset, was the first choice. The second and third choices respectively were speakers from the Call Centre at Winfrith and the South West Ambulance Service. Elaine would make the necessary approaches, starting with Martyn Underhill’s PA. 








Elaine reported that Stepping Stones’ regular activities continue, and bracelets are still available for vulnerable Broadstone residents.


The monthly Tea Dances in the War Memorial Hall, with tea and cakes included are becoming very popular. The cost is £5 per person. All are welcome, dancers of all abilities and people who just enjoy the music and company. It is open to all residents, and we have a regular group of Stepping Stones regulars and Carers who all enjoy this occasion.


The other meetings are well attended and enjoyed.






Chairman’s Report (Vikki Slade)






There was no Chairman’s Report.






Treasurer’s Report (Richard Hudson)






Income and Expenditure  

BNW has now received all the membership subscriptions due for its financial year 2019/20, with the exception of the collections still outstanding from one contact in Area Central 1. The total to date is £3,594, which compares with the full year total of £3,603 for the previous financial year 2018/19. As usual, the Watch owes a big vote of thanks to the Watch’s efficient and hard-working coordinators and contacts. 


Administrative expenses for the 7 months to 31st October amounted to £1,077, comprising £878 for printing and stationery, £115 for AGM and other meeting expenses, and £84 for sundries.


The Watch has made its customary donation of £50 to The Royal British Legion for a wreath for this coming Remembrance Sunday. The only other donation made by the Watch so far this financial year is £50 to Broadstone Baptist Church in the summer in memory of John Hewer.   








As at 5th November 2019, the Watch held £11,469 in its Barclays Community Account and a petty cash float of £22.






Membership Report (Russ Perry)






Russ had circulated his membership report to all members. He had processed all the collection slips for 2019/20, apart from the slip that one contact had not yet sent in. It was pleasing to note that coverage had been maintained at 70%.






Malcolm Burgess reported that a development of 5 new houses (Sienna Gardens) had been built as infill behind 151-158 Lower Blandford Road. He would find a contact for these potential new BNW members.







Editor’s Report  (Colin Merrett)






Russ Perry had recruited Committee members to distribute the September newsletter, when Allen and Stella Lewis had been away. There might be a case for having formal ‘Plan B’ arrangements in place to cover for their future absences. Russ Perry would be asked for his advice on this.







It was recognised there had been many additional calls on Vikki Slade’s time since she had become Leader of BPC and that the General Election would add to these. It would be helpful if she could give Colin as much notice as possible if she was unable to write the Chairman’s Report for the newsletter or if it was going to be delivered late. This would give Colin time to arrange for alternative material, as necessary.







Letter to PCC and Donations Strategy (Chris Walton)






Chris Walton had sent Committee members a copy of his email letter to Martyn Underhill, the Police and Crime Commissioner. This asked the PCC for ideas on possible donations that BNW could make to support police operations in Broadstone, in furtherance of its primary objective of helping to tackle local crime and anti social behaviour. The Committee approved the letter. 






Dependent on the PCC’s response, Chris will send a similar letter to Dorset’s Chief Constable.







Chris Walton had circulated a draft Donations Strategy for the consideration of the Committee. Its purpose was to provide the Watch with a strategic and systematic approach to making donations in Broadstone. It stipulated that priority would be given to donations that met the Watch’s primary aim of helping to reduce crime and anti social behaviour in Broadstone, Subject to this, the Watch would continue with its policy of supporting community projects for the benefit of all Broadstone residents.






The Committee approved the Donations Strategy. It also agreed that a provision be added to the strategy to the effect that the criteria the Committee would apply in considering requests for donations would be derived from the Watch’s aims, as set out in the Constitution.







Attached to the Donations Strategy was a preliminary list of charities, clubs and groups in Broadstone to which the Committee would possibly consider making a donation, with the rationale and comments for each. The Committee reviewed the list in light of the Watch’s aims and made changes to it that Chris would include in the next version.  







It was agreed the Committee would consider other potential recipient bodies for adding to the list, as and when suggestions arose. Possible additions that warranted investigation currently were agreed to be: Dorset Wildlife Trust, Victim Support, the purchase of another defibrillator for Broadstone and the provision of defibrillator training.  






Proposal for Donation to Home-Start (Russ Perry)






At the Committee’s meeting on 3rd September, Russ Perry had proposed that BNW should make a donation to Home-Start South East Dorset, a child care charity. He had since sent Committee members further details about this. There was broad support for Russ’s proposal but a decision on the amount of a donation was deferred until the meeting in January, when Russ would be present.












The local Neighbourhood Engagement Contract had been published on the Dorset Police website. Dorset Police had developed this so communities could communicate as effectively as possible with their local police. The Committee hoped it would work because connecting with the police needed to improve.






Elaine Frew was happy to continue in a ‘business secretary’ capacity but the Committee needed to make a formal new appointment to the post of Secretary, with responsibility for the Minutes. The rotation of minute-taking around the Committee was a short-term expedient but not viable longer-term, given the significant time that Committee members already spent on Watch affairs. A permanent Secretary would moreover mean the minutes would be of a consistent style and format. Approaching somebody direct was likely to be more successful than putting out a general appeal for the post. Possible candidates were mentioned, whom Elaine Frew would sound out.


The rest of the Committee would also contact anybody whom they thought would make a good Secretary and would possibly be interested in the post.  







Elaine Frew










Currently, no Committee members intended to attend Dorset Police’s Prevention and Wellbeing Workshop on 23 November, due to other commitments. 






Close of Meeting






Chris Walton closed the meeting at 21:38.








Post Meeting Note      






At a get-together after the Committee meeting, a suggested addition to the list in the Donations Strategy was: ‘sponsoring a litter pick, offering to pay £ so much per bag collected’.







Richard Hudson



13th November 2019