September 2018 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Committee Meeting held on

04  September  2018

DJ Room, Methodist Church Centre, Broadstone.

 Present.          Vikki Slade (Chairman), Russell Perry, Colin Merrett, Wendy Perry, Malcolm Burgess, Chris Burt,  David Williams, Alan Jeans Inspector Adrian Thompson, and Elaine Frew.  Kathryn Robson (Yellow 3) was also present.

      Apologies.   Chris Walton, Richard Hudson, John Hewer, John Lodge, and Cllr.Mike Brooke.

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting – held on 3rd. July,  2018 were agreed by all as a true record, and signed by the Chairman.


  1. Matters Arising. There was nothing.
  1. Correspondence and Stepping Stones. (Elaine Frew)

Several e-mails have been circulated to the Committee, which should be covered in the agenda.

I had a phone call from a lady complaining about noisy motor bikes revving up and going up the road at what seemed a fast pace. Asked if she had contacted the Police and she said that she had not, but would like it in our Newsletter in the hope the people might take notice. I did e-mail our local team and PCSO Samantha Holmes replied that the Police were aware and were checking the road.

Stepping Stones                                                                                                               Meetings continue as before. We have included in the Newsletter, a picture and description of the bracelets that we can supply, to assist people to who are confused and lost, to get home. There will be the annual Harvest Festival in the United Reformed Church on Tuesday 25th September.

  1. Chair’s Report (Vikki Slade)

Since the last meeting, the consultation for the proposed merger of Dorset Police with Devon and Cornwall Police has been and gone. The summer is usually the time where we see a noticeable increase in anti-social behaviour in Broadstone and, while the newsletter statistics have shown year on year increases in crime and ASB, there hasn’t been the expected increased chatter on social media – or in my inbox of incidents.

There have been reports of major problems in and around Canford Heath and it appears that this is where the problem youths have targeted, including the terrible destruction of the community defibrillator and the extended damage to Limelights Youth Club.  The police have been increasing their patrols in this area, and to date the problem does not appear to have moved to Broadstone – which was the fear.

Last month I met with the Police and Crime Commissioner for Dorset to discuss both the planned merger and the cuts to local policing, which we believed was part responsible for the increase in youth crime/ASB.  I told him of my experience of policing in Wimborne which was quite different to the regime in Poole, and how we are now part of a massive neighbourhood patch with only 2 officers and 2 part-time PSCOs

We discussed the merger proposals and I raised our concerns about the chances of this leading to even lower police levels and the risk of the loss of Broadstone Police Office.  He is completely committed to the planned merger and assured me that it has not been driven by cuts, but by duplication since the two forces have been in an alliance for a number of years.  He believes it is likely we will see a South West Police Service within 10 years. He assured me that the savings from the merger will be ploughed into increased front line officers, and I am confident that this is his intention.  All bar one of the Dorset MPs support the plan and I advised him that we have written to our MP and to the Home Office about the impact of cuts in our community.

Progress has also been made over the summer on the location of the shelter in Broadstone..   We should stop referring to it as a Youth Shelter and look at it as an asset to everyone in the community.  Its move out of the underpass and to a site alongside Station Approach has been approved in principle and we are waiting for the costings to be confirmed so I can submit a bid for funding.  The council have promised that they will repaint the shelter so it is more appealing to the wider community when it has been re-sited.  As an aside, there are plans for a new road crossing at the bottom of Dunyeats Road (funded by McCarthy and Stone developer contributions) so this area will see wider investment).

I have written to both first schools (Broadstone and Springdale) to offer travel costs to SafeWise for their children in year 3 so they can experience the safety centre.  This project meets our objectives of improving safety in our community. I have had an approach from the Royal British Legion for us to possibly support some of the costs of the Remembrance Parade going forward.  The council are likely to be charging in the future and there are other costs such as advertising, band costs and refreshments.  I have been sitting on this committee and stressing that fundraising should be led by the Legion Club – apparently the cost cannot be met by the Branch as it does not directly benefit veterans – but they are of the opinion it is for the community and costs should be shared by the community.  My gut feeling is that this falls into the same category as the Christmas Lights request – a nice community gesture but outside of the remit of our constitution.  I would rather that our finances were concentrated on projects that either reduce the risks of being a victim of crime (bike marking, signs, sheducation, cutting back vegetation, training, improve community safety (shelters, signage, funding safewise, supporting safe and well visits, funding police cadets, supporting school projects and competitions with prizes etc, dementia bracelets safe houses or similar, or direct support to fight crime (police requests, quad bikes, improved police office, funding a police dog etc.)

The Committee agreed that the cost of the Remembrance Parade and Christmas Lights do not really fit our Objectives in the Constitution for expenditure of funds.

There was some discussion about paper Newsletters. It was agreed that these do enable the Contacts to stay in contact with our members, which is an important function of Neighbourhood Watch.

  1. Treasurer’s Report. (sent by Richard Hudson)

Income and Expenditure  

As at Tuesday 4th September 2018, BNW has received £3,364 in membership subscriptions for its financial year 2018/19. Overall, the Watch has made significantly faster progress in collecting subscriptions than last year. Of 41 coordinators in total, only 2 have yet to account to me for the Area collections for which they are responsible. The Watch has already collected more than 90% of its projected subscription income for 2018/19, compared with about 65% for 2017/18 last September.

One of the factors behind this improvement seems to be the restyled collection slip. Several co-ordinators have made comments to me welcoming it as helpful and user-friendly. A small number of contacts have asked their coordinators for a receipt, in view of which we will add a tear-off receipt to the slip for 2019/20.

Administrative expenses for the 5 months to the end of August amounted to £692, comprising £585 for printing, £94 for AGM and other meeting expenses, and £13 for sundries. The only donation made by the Watch so far this financial year is £250 to Stepping Stones.


As at 4th September 2018, the Watch held £12,401 in its Barclays Community Account and a petty cash float of £67.

  1. Membership Officer’s Report         (Russell Perry)

3,374 house-holds – which is exactly 70% of homes in our area.

62 members (1.8%) excluded from calculation

309 email newsletters (of which 277 are on Mail Chimp)

3,020 subscriptions have been collected (90%)

Areas outstanding are Blue 3 and Red 1

We are continuing to deliver newsletters to 31 addresses (0.9%) despite not receiving their subscriptions

Potential New Members

I shall approach the new residents of Waterman House during September.

Coordinators and Contacts Needed                                                                                                                       I have asked for volunteers in the September newsletter for: –

Coordinator – Abbotsbury Road

Contacts – York Road, Barn Road, Upper Golf Links Road and Sorrel Gardens

  1. Editor’s Report. (Colin Merrett)

Colin thanked Malcolm Burgess for producing last month’s Newsletter

He reported that PCSO Samantha Holmes is now producing the Police Report for the Newsletter.

  1. Police Report. (Inspector Adrian Thompson)

Poole has less than  8.5  PCSOs to cover the area.                                                                      There are 12.5 people covering Poole area.  The Police are doing their best to cover the area.

Broadstone and Canford Heath have seen a rise in ASB – especially in. Canford Heath

There are now some Police Volunteers, and Police Cadets are about to start.                    There are also a few ‘Specials’ in Poole.                                                                                As previously described there have been large cuts to the Police.

It was suggested that we would like to have some good news of outcomes, successes and arrests from the Police, in the Newsletter.

  1. Lamp post BNW signs. (sent by Chris Walton)

We now have the formal permission from the Council to fit the signs.

We still need –

1. Sign size (waiting on Sam Araujo of Council to reply)

  1. Insignias Insurance (waiting on Insignia to produce certificate for Council to agree it)
  2. Sign specification and fixing must meet Poole Borough Highways Standards (waiting on   Steve Dean to agree the specs which we have sent to him)

Vikki is in communication with Laura about signs which have gone missing. She will let us know when they get done and any missing ones.

  1.    Meeting and dates.

Elaine has circulated all the dates now booked for 2019 to the Committee.                    Inspector Thompson will let us know names and details of possible Speakers for the AGM   from the Drug Squad  or Scenes of Crime.

  1. Christmas Lights 

These were previously paid for by local traders and the Chamber of Trade, but the Chamber of Trade now has few members and is not really interested in the community.                       Ruth Thompson has started collecting money and is near her target, with collection boxes in the shops and post office, and is also on line.

The Committee agreed that unfortunately any donation from BNW would not fit in with our Constitution.

  1. AOB

Malcolm queried how our Constitution fitted with Russell’s Aims and Objectives for the Watch. It was agreed that Russell has produced a ‘Procedure’ for the Committee.

The meeting closed at 9.10 p.m