September 2019 Meeting Report



at the Methodist Church Hall


Tuesday 3 September 2019

Commencing at 7.30pm


Chris Walton; Richard Hudson; Colin Merret; Alan Jeans; Malcolm Burgess

Those attending:

Mike Brooke; Chris Burt; Elaine Frew; Wendy Perry; Russell Perry; John Lodge; David Williams; Vikki Slade; and Angela Sleet.

Stepping Stones and Other Activities: (Elaine Frew)

Meetings are still very well attended with everyone, including their carers.

Carpet Bowls remain very popular, as do other activities such as cake decoration, flower arranging, chatting and playing dominoes.

The Reading Group are reading some very interesting books; and this activity remains popular.

The newly established Tea Dances one a month is enjoyed by a small group of our Stepping Stones attendees; as well as some carers and other members of the general public.  The dancing is very good, and our group also enjoy singing the some from the 50’s and 60’s; as well as the homemade cakes and tea is provided.

The Identity bracelets are still available for Broadstone residents, although they now have to pay a £30 fee to have the Poole Lifeline Service.

Chairman’s Report: (Vikki Slade)

The summer has been relatively quiet, with anti-social behaviour in Broadstone limited to a few areas, but problems in other parts of Poole are more significant. You may be aware that we sit within the Poole North area and that our police team works across several other neighbourhoods. Problems at Poole Bus Station and on Canford Heath have taken officers from Broadstone. Nevertheless, these problems do tend to overspill to Broadstone, and often involve young people from our area, so we do have a close interest in them being controlled. Sadly, the anti-social behaviour that’s been seen in places like the Bus Station and Bournemouth Lower Gardens has been linked to some very serious crimes, including drug running (County Lines) and child sexual exploitation, along with drug taking and carrying of weapons.

A few weeks ago, I met with the Chief Superintendent to discuss neighbourhood policing across Poole and Bournemouth. He has advised me that additional Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) are now in place in a number of places, so we should see a more visible presence in the future. However, he did stress that the police rely on residents reporting incidents, either by 101 or via the website, to get a true picture of crime and anti-social behaviour.

He thanked Broadstone residents for their vigilance and for their engagement with the Neighbourhood Watch, making specific reference to our AGM earlier this year. 

The Prime Minister recently announced that he would be recruiting many new police officers to support communities and deal with crime. I’ve written to the Police and Crime Commissioner to ask how these will be distributed. He has advised that, as yet, there have been no details around whether they will be allocated across each Force or whether there will be a bidding process for them.

Membership Officer’s Report: (Russell Perry)


            After processing 31 of 41 areas    (76%):

            Members:                                           3,438

            Via e-mail:                                         311 (9%)

            Dwellings:                                         71% (40 dwellings in hand for 70%

            Roads:                                               94%

New Area:                                         I have created Central 6; it serves Ridgeway and                      Waterman House. I am the coordinator. It takes

some of the burden from the previous coordinator.

            Volunteer Needed:

            We are currently short of only one volunteer: –  A coordinator for Wentworth Drive.

            Welcome Packs:

            I am beginning to find it difficult to source the leaflets (e.g.) From Dorset Fire and             Rescue Crime Stoppers) that were traditionally put in Welcome Packs.  So, we     need to refer to them in the newsletter, every so often.  Many organisations are      expecting everything to be done online.  I have plenty Stay Safe leaflets and   Trading Standards are always very obliging. 

.           Distribution of Newsletters:

            Stella and Allen are on holiday and it has been touch and go as to whether the     September edition would be delivered in a timely fashion.  It was only possible due       to the commitment of Malcolm, Colin, Richard, Wendy and myself.  We could reach           the position where we would have to cancel a future edition.

Crime Statistics: (Chris Burt)

The crime stats for this month show that total crimes are 4 down on last month. Big movers were Criminal Damage down 5, ASB down 3, and burglary down 2.  Bike theft went mad, going up by 5, and sex and violence up 3. Our Creekmoor area is more back to normal only contributing 1 this month (Criminal Damage).  The current month total of 36 is satisfactorily below the previous year’s average of 38.5, and well below the current year’s average of 42!. 

 This builds nicely on the June figures which also showed a big reduction.  The Police Website actually issued the figures early for the 2nd month in succession.

Other information:

Vikki has found two people to share the job of maintaining our social media presence now that she has extra responsibilities with B.C.P. council.

A reminder that elections for the Police and Crime Commissioners will be taking place in May.

We do have a Community First Responder in Broadstone; use 111 or 999 in an emergency.

There is a new Police community contact for Broadstone; and it was suggested that the Police need to be more in contact with our community groups.

The committee discussed ideas about potential donations.

There were no reports from either the Treasurer or the Police.

Next Meeting:

5 November 2019

Meeting closed at 9:30