September 2021 Minutes


Meeting held


7 September 2021

At Committee Members Homes via Zoom




Vikki Slade (VS) Chairman

Councillor Mike Brookes (MB)

Allan Jeans (AD)

Chris Walton (CW) Vice Chairman


John Lodge (JL)

Colin Merrett (CM) Editor


David Williams (DW)

Richard Hudson (RH) Treasurer



Elaine Frew (EF)



Louise Dalrymple (LD)



Wendy Perry (WP)



Chris Burt (Note Taker) (CB)






Minute Text




Apologies for Absence

See above



Minutes of the last Meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and approved.

Proposed: VS

Seconded: RH

Vote: Unanimous



Matters arising

There were no matters arising




Action Log Review

 Open actions were reviewed, and status/progress updates applied.
















































Secretary’s Report and Stepping Stones

 BNW News and Information

 Most Watch news and information is now sent by e-mail. Police will be invited to 21st October meeting.

Action: Invite Inspector Aidy Thompson and new Chief Constable to 21st October meeting.

Stepping Stones

It is hoped Stepping Out Community Tea dances will start on 15 October and the third Friday of each month thereafter.

The Leonardo Trust has started a ‘Carers Sing Together’ group on the first Monday of every month. Refreshments will be provided

Tea parties are hoped to resume this or next month and the Book Group to get back to normal soon. 

It is believed a tracking system is being put in place to replace bracelets for vulnerable people especially those suffering with dementia. The position remains unclear as does the use of monies donated.

Action: Report back on Bracelet Project and donations made

 Chairman’s Report

 NPT Meetings

Since the last BNW Committee meeting VS had attended one NPT meeting. Unfortunately, the police failed to attend. Inspector Cullen was written to immediately and he assured VS of his commitment to the cause and confirmed normal service would resume in September.

The business of the meeting was conducted without police involvement and engaged with the head of Community Safety for BCP Council. Issues including boy racers and super car drivers together with high profile crimes along the seafront were raised.

Changes in Police Personnel

VS was recently advised that Inspector Cullen is no longer the Inspector for Poole and that Inspector Adrian Thompson had returned to the role. It is hoped this will be the last of many changes in personnel and a subject to raise at next month’s public meeting.

Road Safety and Speeding

 Community Speed Watch (CSW) were present at the August market and residents were asked about their issues relating to road safety and speeding. One idea VS wanted the committee to consider was the provision of stickers for wheelie bins reminding drivers of the speed limit. The stickers would be inexpensive and the idea was within the ambit of the Watch’s constitution. Due diligence would have to be applied. Therefore, BNW needed to establish CSW funds held and canvas Shapwick Parish Council, where the scheme is already in operation to find out if they funded it and what the costs were.

Action: Find out CSW level of funds before deciding if BNW should buy wheelie bin stickers

Action: Ask Shapwick Parish Council if they funded wheelie bin stickers and the costs involved


 The next market is on 18th September with a third scheduled for 16th October. If BNW members wished to have a stall for recruitment and/or home safety awareness VS would secure a space in the market. The police had been asked to attend the September market, but have indicated they have insufficient staff. Their response is somewhat unfortunate as they did attend an Ashley Road event recently as well as stalls out at the beach and on heathlands. Luckily, a police officer did walk through the August market and made a point of engaging VS in conversation. The police will continue to be pushed for a decent chunk of their time actually supporting the local community. If the police do not have a stall BNW will be faced with having to answer questions that should be directed to the police.

Action: Continue to push the police for some of their time to actually support the local community

Broadstone Youth Club Bike Shed

 During the renovation the police were requested to allow access for young people to the bike shed in the car park. Although BNW funded the purchase of police bikes some years ago it is unsure if it also paid for the bike shed. Police bikes have been relocated to Poole Police Station and the Broadstone office is used solely by the Community Investigators who drive white unmarked cars.

The police response was that the bike shed forms part of the lease and is for the exclusive use of the police. This may lead to the Club having to fund free standing bike parking for the youngsters which is unnecessary and not as secure.

The Committee were asked to consider the matter as the Club would appreciate any support that could be given. It was agreed to initially look back through BNW records to confirm if the Watch actually paid for the bike shed and if so present the police with the evidence.

Action: Research BNW records and minutes to determine if the Watch paid for the Bike Shed

 Public Meeting

 Victims of crime must be encouraged to attend the public meeting on 21 October to tell their stories in their own words. Although the committee will relate the cases if the victims cannot attend the meeting it will not have the same impact as the personal approach. As part of the process the Watch will ask Contacts and Co-Ordinators if they know of any victims of crime as well as posting it on their Facebook page.

Action: Message to go to all Contacts and Co-Ordinators asking them to encourage victims of crime they know of to attend the public meeting and tell their stories.

 Action: Post same message on BNW Facebook page


































RH 0921/03












































Treasurers Report


BNW received a £15 donation in August from Red Central 2 Contact who is standing down for family reasons. She is fully aware that subscriptions are not being collected this financial year, but has made the donation to show her respect and support for BNW. RH has thanked her on behalf of the Committee for her generous gesture.

The Watch has spent £1,276 in the five months to 31 August, comprising £626 for administrative expenses and £650 for grants. Administrative expenses included £610 for printing and stationery and £16 for sundries.

Two grants have been made so far this financial year. They were £300 to CSW and £350 to Broadstone Wessex Bowling Club.

The bank balance at 31 August was £5,109


In response to a question about the cost of printing RH replied that printing of the newsletter is done at cost and is a very good deal.






















Membership Officers Report


Membership Numbers


AS far as it is possible to tell membership is holding up. When houses change hands  the relevant Contact ask for New Members Packs and the updated Stay Safe booklet has been used in the latest four packs issued. 


New blocks of flats have been seen being built so the Watch may be able to recruit more members if it can also recruit respective Contacts.



The Watch does not need any more Contacts At the moment although there will we one in Spring dale Road at some point. The outgoing Contact for Red Central 2 has found a replacement to take on her role.

E-Mail Membership

 This has been rising gradually and after a reminder in last month’s newsletter 17 people have opted for it. The delivery system – Mailchimp – recorded 315 recipients this month. This is at variance with the register which shows 396.


 An updated register recording 3,494 members of the Watch has been sent out to Committee members. It was agreed that for the future an annual update would be done.











































































Editors Report


 There was a slight panic as regards the newsletter this month as there was only content to fill half the newsletter and no police report. Fortunately, the report and other articles came in thanks to CM’s excellent relationship with the police.

 It was suggested that a library of extraneous items such as the history of the Watch and CW’s essay on crime stats compilation be created as a source to lean on when subject matter is short.     

IT Officers Report

 Facebook Page and Website

 Over the last couple of months interest has risen slightly in the Facebook page and website with an increase in visits.

Visits to the website are now on a steady increase rising on average by about 5 per month.


 An Instagram page has also been opened which remains as work in progress at present as a following and followed list is accumulated which once in place will go live. The Committee need to understand that Instagram is based on photographs therefore the growing of a following for the Watch will be slow.


 On Facebook 77% of followers are female and 23% male out of a total of 532 followers.


 Demographics are between 25 and 65 for females and 35 and 60 for males.

Police Report

 No police report was received again this month.

Deputy Chairmans Report

 Stay Safe Booklets
















Editors Report


Two newsletter issues had been produced without any problems. Police had sent in their report early for the July newsletter. This is the same report that goes out in the Broadstone Link. There is a good supply of Trading Standards Officer reports which although somewhat esoteric provide a good source to fall back on if there is a shortage of items for the newsletter at any time. 









Police Report


No police report had been received for the meeting




VS reported that the virtual AGM for 2021 had been successful with no adverse comments received. 2019 AGM minutes not yet signed off due to no 2020 AGM being held. Unable to book the 2022 AGM yet due to uncertainty over relaxation of Covid 19 measures. Will look to do booking in September.

Action: 2019 AGM minutes to be signed off

 Action: Book 2022 AGM











NW 40th Anniversary


CW said that the national NW newsletter had announced that next year was the 40th anniversary of the NW organisation being formed and Broadstone BNW ought to mark the occasion in some way such as a street party. However, it was pointed out that next year is also the platinum jubilee of the Queen’s accession to the throne and it might not be a good idea to go up against the Queen! Also the Broadstone Fun Day is likely to be moved to June next year.

Some ideas were expressed eg

                    – being part of a bigger event;

                    – doing something as a means of a recruitment drive;

                    – running a social media campaign showing BNW’s achievements over

                      the last 40 years; and

                    – a fact sheet of 40 things you didn’t know about BNW over the last

                      40 years.

The Committee agreed that it would mark the celebration, but look at ways other than street parties of doing it.

Action : Committee to consider ways to mark the 40th anniversary of NW



































 Broadstone in Bloom

 MB said that Broadstone in Bloom had come up with a scheme to purchase planters, which can sit on the soil, to be placed on the silver birch tree area as nothing else will grow there. They have applied to BCP and are awaiting approval. If granted then the aforementioned donation in item 6.2 would be used for this purpose.

Action: Discuss with Lisa Harvey and inform Committee in due course. 

 Litter Picks

 VS and MB were promoting the monthly litter picks which will be co-ordinated with Broadstone in Bloom. A member of the public had asked why litter picks were not publicised by the Watch. After much discussion most of the Committee agreed that litter picking was not a BNW event, but littering was, under the ASB umbrella. By broadening BNW’s aims and objectives to cover Community as well as crime prevention there was a danger of being a quasi residents association. The Broadstone Residents Association was disbanded some time ago.

Musical Market

 VS and MB had been approached by an individual who wanted a musical market organised in Broadstone. Having agreed to it they had now been left “holding the baby”. Funding the event had been approved and the logistics of closing the Toast Rack, working with all Community groups who want to participate and arranging stalls all around Broadstone would have to be done by volunteers and people from groups like BNW, if they wanted to be involved. Entertainment would take place at various locations, all shops will contribute to the cost of the market as a way of encouraging people into the Broadway shops and youngsters would provide music by busking in the subway. There are three separate dates this year for it and they are 21st August, 18th September and 15th November.























There being no further business, the meeting closed at 21.05 hours


Date of Next Meeting:

Tuesday 7th September 2021 (Hopefully at the usual venue)





Minutes taken by:

Chris Burt


Minutes issued on:

13 July 2021