Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch was formed in 1986 and from a small beginning has grown steadily to its present size of over 3,200 dwellings and is still gaining members. 

The aims of the Watch are to promote and sustain an interest in the prevention of crime against persons and property which is achieved by the closest possible liaison and co-operation between the police, the committee, and individual participants.

Membership is open to all dwellings within the Broadstone postal district (and certain adjacent streets) upon payment of a small donation – currently a minimum of £2 per annum.

The Watch is divided into groups, each with its own leader called a Contact who in turn reports to a Co-ordinator who deals with several Contacts. Currently the Watch has 40 Co-ordinators and 235 Contacts. It is run by a committee consisting of the officers and 8 Co-ordinators elected annually. The Committee meets at the Broadstone Methodist Church every two months.

A register is held by our Membership and Development Officer, of all dwelling addresses in the Watch. When a new group is formed, we arrange for an information pack to be provided for each member containing Window Stickers and leaflets on all manner of personal and property security, and details of our scheme. All members have the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the Community Beat Officers, Membership and Development Officer and their Contact, so that they can get in touch and get advice or pass on information at any time. Many Contacts are listed on the ‘ALERT System’ which assists in the rapid spread of urgent messages from the Police to all members either by phone or e-mail and has proven to be a highly effective means of disseminating and gathering information on current criminal activity.

We produce a monthly Newsletter providing information about crimes in the area together with comment and advice. This is delivered to every participating dwelling (or can be sent on-line), and we find that this helps people feel more involved and responsible to work with and for each other.

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