Secure Site Reasons For

Secure Site


What are the benefits of having a secure website?


Benefits of Secured Site. Secure communication between Browsers and Server. Increase User’s Trust Level. Gives Highest level of encryption using standard algorithm technology. Indicates the business is legitimate. Boost up E-commerce conversation. Secure User’s & Customer’s Sensitive information.


What is a secured website (https)?


A Secured website (HTTPS) is protected with SSL Certificate which indicates the website is verified using trusted certificate authority. Benefits of Secured Site. Ranking benefits in Google.(Google and soon Microsoft will not allow unsecured sites to operate in that no personal data will be allowed to be up loaded at all. Basically the site will become view only)


SSL is important for your business website?


Without the use of SSL, business sites cannot even dream of having a single successful credit card transaction(a requirement if we are to receive donations). By implementing SSL, visitors will find your website more trustworthy and experience a secure environment on a  HTTPS site. Customers are becoming more and more security aware. (this include email address’s scam sites etc)


What are the benefits of HTTPS?


The benefits of HTTPS 1 Security. One of the main benefits of HTTPS is that it adds security and trust. … 2 Confidence. The green padlock (not always shown on some sites) which appears on a secured site can give customers peace of mind that your website can be trusted and their information is safe, this can lead … 3 The SEO / search value. … 4 Mobile technology. … (I have already implemented a Mobile version of the site)

In a nutshell if the Broadstone Neighbourhood Watch does not implement we will not be able to function in the future

But I do think we need to move with the times, be more agile and proactive and recognise that people will be looking for something different as we move forward.”[1]

Quote to date from our Internet Providers as a one-off deal £80 for 2 years if we implement we can then start doing whats right.

[1] Chair Neighbourhood Watch Email dated 23 February 2022 11:27